Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Such a boy..

I have started to realize I need to start documenting things for my blog books that Cayden does or says, so with that in mind, here a two things that made me laugh today...
Cayden loves, loves, loves to play with our phones or any electronic for that matter (what kid doesnt) and usually he always gets to the part where the lady says.."please say a command"..well he usually never says anything but today he had a very important command he wanted to tell her, so when she stated "please say a command"...he said "poo poo!"
I have been going back and forth on whether or not to have a birthday party for Cayden, I have had the theme picked out since right after his first birthday( I know im weird) which is trains..he loves them plus I thought it would be cute. Mike and I were in Cayden's room with him discussing it tonight and I decided to see if Cayden had an opinion about it. I asked " you want to have a train party?"..his response.."nooo", "do you want to have an airplane party?".."nooo", "do you want to have a fire truck party?" "nooo". "what about a Mickey Party?" "nooo". So I finally ask, "well what kind of party do you want this year?" and like the little boy he is he responds.."pee pee"