Monday, June 15, 2015

Halloween Disney!

On 10/27 we spent a couple hours at Disneyland enjoying all of the Halloween decorations =) We also decided to do a few things we had never done before or for a long time.
We went on the Jungle Cruise which was Ellie's first time! She had that face about the whole time..

We were able to sit right next to driver which Cayden loved.

Enjoying some lunch!!

We had never taken Cayden to Tom Sawyers Island so we decided to go there!

Cayden was terrified of all of the caves and would NOT go in them, then we were finally able to convince him which was nice because then he realized how much fun they were to walk through..

He loved all of the things there was to do and the fun bridges to walk across, we could have spent all day there and he would have been happy.

Always have to go on the t-cups when there is no line!!

I knew this would be our last trip during Halloween for a long time since I knew we would not be renewing our passes, so I had to take it in one last time =(


K♥C said...

I love Tom Sawyers Island too!! I could spend most the day there as well :) Glad Cayden was brave to explore the caves.