Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we come!!!!

Idaho!!! Crazy and unexpected.....I know!! So Mike and I THOUGHT we had the next couple of years of our life pretty much planned out.......he would attend Cal state Fullerton and get his bachelors in Accounting and then from there law school. Well thanks to California being completely broke...all of the Cal states stopped accepting applications for a whole year!! That would set him back 8 months!! So last minute we decided he should apply to BYU and see what happens. A couple weeks ago we found out he got accepted to Idaho and today it was confirmed that he will be attending school winter/spring which means we will be moving in December!! We are sooo excited to start this new chapter in our lives and excited to finally live on our own again but sad that we will be no where near any family or friends. I am mostly terrified about the whole living in the snow situation.....soo anyone who has ever lived in Idaho or snow for that matter.....I would love to get some advice or tips on how to cope with the snow!! =) There seems to be soo much to do and no time at all but it will be a fun adventure for the both of us!!