Sunday, February 27, 2011

I love this little guy!

Who would have ever thought that a crazy looking bun could bring so much laughter to a 10 month old? I love being able to make this cutie laugh everyday...mainly because I think it's adorable =)

Then a couple hours later Cayden walked more than he has ever walked and I was lucky enough to capture it on video!! We were soo excited! He is getting closer and closer to walking..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's little moments like this I cherish the most =)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A what?

Mike and I realized we were way over due to get out and have a fun date night! The school has a little bowling alley that we have been wanting to go to so on Saturday night we headed over there. It was super cheap too which was definately a plus! Cayden only lasted about 5 mins in the stroller..

Right down the middle!

Cayden was very reserved most of the time...I think he was confused at what we were doing as well
The biggest smile we got out of him the whole night...

Cayden was rubbing my ball good luck...or so I thought...the only time I got a gutter ball both rolls..
Cayden really liked the fan
There was a group of guys next to us and Cayden even rubbed on of their bowling balls and he got a gutter ball too!hmmm

Mike of course won all 3 games we played but it was still really fun and we definately be making a trip back!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

10 months!

Cayden turned 10 months this past Tuesday...he is getting soo good on his feet! Cayden now will just stand by himself instead of us putting him on his feet..alot of times when we go to set him down he doesnt want to sit...he wants to stand. He took his first steps on the 15th(the day he tunred 10 months)!! Mike was behind him holding his hands and when Cayden would walk Mike would let go and he would go a couple steps and fall. He has gotten alot more brave, when he is going from couch to couch he would normally hold on and now he can take a step by himself to get to the next one! I have never been used to Cayden wanting to eat all the time, before we moved back to Idaho, we had the hardest time getting him to eat. Ever since we came back so when Cayden was about 8 1/2 months he has been a bottomless pit! He drinks 5 bottles a day and has 3 meals plus the food we will give him. Whenever he sees Mike and I eating anything he comes over and begs like a dog..its halarious. Of course we will give him some if it is something he can eat. Some things he loves are turkey and grilled cheese sandwiches, string cheese, ritz crakcers, and his favorite is apples dipped in yogart. The other day he tried a pickle, I didnt think he would like it but he wanted more! The only thing he has ever acted weird about was mashed potatoes and gravy..but he still ate it... we love our little porker!

On the 5th of February I had to take him in because his poor face was breaking out in a really bad rash(thanks to lovely Idaho) and he weighed 20.6! We then decided it was time to get a new carseat since ours only goes to 22. He has seemed to enjoy it, I think at first he was a little confused but now he can look out the window which I think he likes. Dada is now something he says all of the time, and the latest word is bye bye, it's really cute when he waves and says it. I'm still waiting for mama =)

It's really amazing to see them grow at this age. I love watching him start to figure things out and learn how his toys work. He now loves to push the buttons on the tv, especailly the one to open the dvd player and to turn the tv on and off. He has started to dance to music too which is soo adorable.

Time is going by way too quick and in just two short months he will be a whole year old!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

unsolved mystery

The other day I was working on the grocery list for next week..I got focused and was not paying attention to Cayden very much until I happened to look down and notcie his face..he had black all over his mouth and nose and hands! I searched everywhere in our tiny little living room and have no idea what is was or how he did it...but Cayden thought it was pretty funny and I was even laughing about it until I saw the black all over one of my pottery barn pillows =( You cant see it very well in the pictures but it was definately something I wanted to remember

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines day!

This year was Cayden's first Valentines Day and we had alot of fun! Mike surprised me with a gift the day before..I was totally surprised and had no idea, it was really sweet of him. I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class and he got me all of the supplys for it and hopefully I will be taking a 4 week course in Idaho Falls in March if it is on a day and time I can go...and I am crossing my fingers because I am really excited about it! On Valentines we cooked up a delicious dinner, steak lobster tail fried potatoes and some veggies..Mike was the main chef of the night and he did a great job!

During dinner for Mike and I each came up with 5 things to strengthen our marriage and we wrote them on little hearts which are now on our bathroom mirror so we can see them every morning =) I then surprised Mike with a gift as well =)

I love Valentines mainly because it's a day of love!!

Cayden even got a gift!!

Anxiously waiting for daddy to open it up for him!!

When will I ever learn that buying toys is pointless with Cayden...he really does love his toy though and plays with it all the time!
Cayden then helped mommy in the kitchen to make up a very delicious dessert!!
While it was baking we had a little fun with the camera =)

We made a heart shaped brownie with ice cream, homemade whipped cream and caramel and hot fudge ontop...soooo yummy!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So Cayden has been getting very good at standing..before it would be for just a few short seconds but now he is standing longer! Mike was just playing around with him this past weekend and was able to get him to do it...and if you cant tell Mike is very anxious to get him walking!! The only problem is we get excited and so does Cayden so most of the time it makes him fall...but luckily I was able to get some videos of the night he did for the first time...
Oh and this is one of Cayden's new tricks..the fish face!! We think its pretty funny that he does it all the time..he just started doing it one day last week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Scarey moment

Well this big adorable mouth finally got the better of him last night... Last night Cayden was in his crib and was not asleep quite yet, I always leave the door cracked so I can do my usual of checking on him constantly....well I was watching him and he was standing chewing on his he was chewing on it I was realizing how easy it would be for him to stick the whole thing in his my nerves started to grow I notcied the pacifier was no longer in his hand and I then see his face...his mouth was open pretty wide and he was choking!!(crazy how mom can sense things like that) I rushed in and luckily the nipple was facing the opening of his mouth so it was easy to pull out. I was terrified yet sooo extremly greatful I happened to be checking on him at that time. Well that was the end of that..all pacifiers are now gone. I seem to be taking it harder than Cayden. He hardly ever used one as it is..I think its just because now its one less comfort for him now that we no longer rock him to sleep(that was the only time he ever used it)..but today seemed to be just fine for him pacifier free...lets hope it stays that way!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

splish splash!

On Saturday night I was giving Cayden a bath..he has always enjoyed them but never really played a whole bunch. Well on Saturday he found out how much fun it is to splash in the tub! He was having so much fun so I had to get mike to record cant really tell but lets just say mommy was pretty wet..and now I am always in the splash zone when giving him a bath =) I am hoping this settles my fear of him being afraid of the water....Oh and I know...what is up with all the videos lately? Well I think it helps our family feel like they arnt a whole 14 hours away...we love and miss you all!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just call me Dracula!

Move over Edward..there is a new vampire in town!
On the 18th of January Cayden's third tooth started to poke through the gum and oddly enough it looked like a top k9 I would never have thought that tooth would be next...well exactly a week later on the 25 sure enough the other k9 started to poke through! We think its halarious..they arnt sticking out too far yet but lets hope some other teeth come is soon!!
Love the cheesy smile =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Got Static?

This is one of the lovely perks with living here in Idaho...all of the lovely static in the winter. We get shocked all the time and there is nothing like your hair sticking out everywhere when you go into a store because you took off your hood or scarf...Cayden seems to enjoy it though and i cant get enough of the picture And here are just some silly pics...
Gotta love all of the drool..

Oh and it has been sooo cold today!! Mike had to walk to school this morning when it was -1 but the windchill was -21!!! Its days like this where I keep counting down the months till we can walk outside and feel warmth!!