Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kid free at Disneyland!!

Seriously kid free at Disneyland really makes it the happiest place on earth!! We were lucky enough to get in for free on 10/8 to both parks thanks to our buddies Jared and Amanda and we had such an amazing day only going on the big rides aka the rides we were never able to go on =)
The first thing we knew we had to go on was radiator springs since we had never been on it..

We were pretty exhausted at the end of the day but it was well worth the endless fun we had that day!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ellie's field trip!

We had a really fun field trip on 10/4 to a farm near our house. We got to see a bunch of farm animals and learn more about them and how to take care of them..

Mia wanted to be all over the animals while Ellie stayed a good distance away =)

We got to go on a hay ride..

Ellie was able to pick her own pumpkin!

The kids LOVED the big thing of corn to play in...they could have been in there all day.

It was a great trip!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

irvine park!

We made our annual trip early in October to Irvine pumpkin patch! The kids love going here!! Plus it was nice weather and not busy at all which made it so much more enjoyable. My sister and her husband joined the kids and I for some fun!

Cousin lovin

Its always so fun to see how much taller they are the next year..

I was so shocked at how brave the kids were with the haunted house..we had to go through it 10 times!!

Mia loved all the creepy witches etc and we loved how cool her shoes looked =)

my three little pigs

This picture makes me laugh so hard! Sister love at its finest..

We cant come without going on the train ride!!

Cayden is old enough for the tractor rides and he got to drive Ellie, she was smiling and laughing the whole time

They were having a blast burning some energy in the hay maze..

We made a trip to McDonalds after for dinner which the kids always love.