Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pumpkin patch

Mike and I took Cayden to the Irvine pumpkin patch yesterday and had alot of fun! Cayden seriously had soo much fun...he just looked soo excited the whole time and was taking everything in!
Cayden got to go on his first train ride which was really takes you all along the park and we even had a little train conductor/tour guide telling us the history of the park We went through a hay maze which as you can see was really simple for Mike since he saw clear over the hay stacks (what a cheater!)

Cayden was soo excited sitting on this pony was really cute

They had a little haunted house you could walk through..

Cayden loves dogs..well animals in I knew he would love the horses and I was right..he just smiled and laughed the whole time..

He loved the hay and wanted to eat it

After the pumpkin patch we went walking around the park..there were a ton of ducks and peacocks which was fun
Cayden was pooped....too much excitment for one day!

that night we made home made sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins =)

Monday, October 25, 2010

6 Months!

Our sweet little Cayden turned 6 months on the 15th and it seems like each month is going by quicker and quicker! In just 6 short months Cayden is going to be a year! I realized for scrapbook purposes I need to start being better about photos I take for each month he turns so I thought now would be a good start =) Such a big smile

And when you thought it could'nt get any bigger.....
As you can see we are still waiting for the teeth to come in!

I think he totally looks like me when I was a baby in the picture below...

Can sit by himself

He stands really good by himself with the help of something to hold onto..

Some fun things about Cayden...
A couple weeks ago he found his feet and about a week or so after that he was able to finally put them into his mouth! He loves to play with them!!

Cayden I guess enjoys the simple things in life...with all the toys that he could play with on here..he dicides to play with the tags...and this is something he does pretty much whenever he is on it...

It is only a matter of time till Cayden starts to crawl!!! A couple weeks ago he started to get really good at gettting into the crawl position...he just doesnt really know what to do after that..

except straighten his legs and bring his butt into the air and shove his face into the ground..

Last week he did start to rock back and forth while in the position and has started to bring one leg forward...
Cayden is obsessed and I mean obsessed with drinking out of big boy cups...and when I say that I mean adult cups...we give him water with one all the time and I am always sharing mine with him because the minute he sees me drinking with one he shakes with excitment and reaches for it as hard as he can!

Cayden loves drinking his juice with a sippie cup! He tries to do it himself but still needs some help
He can pretty much get all over the place by scooting and rolling..if I walk away for a couple minutes and come back he will be in a completly different area! Cayden truly is sooo much fun and words can't express the love Mike and I have for our little guy.

It's amazing to see how much babies change in just a matter of 6 months and I know there is still alot more changing to do and we are soo excited to see him grow even more.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vegetables and Cousin Roger

Over General Conference weekend we decided to give Cayden Veggies for the first was green beans and I can definately tell you they are not his favorite but he eats them! He has since tried carrots and today he tried sweet potatoes for the first time. So far Carrots seem to be the favorite and yesterday I gave him apples which he seemed to enjoy... Cayden is always trying to help us and feed himself..

Do I really have to eat this mom??

The week after that we were able to see baby Roger and the family again! It was Cayden's first time seeing him =)

This is a new toy to play with at Grandma and Granspa's house..

I think it is soo much fun having two cousins both boys and so close in age, hopefully they will have alot of fun together....they are going to be little trouble makers in a couple years!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Early christmas..and Twins!!

The other day Mike and Cayden were taking a nap and I came into the room to find this...I love my little twins =) My mom bought Cayden an early Christmas present and he loves it!! Now that he is getting older...the bouncer doesnt entertain him as much and now he can be busy in here for quite some time =) Oh and this kid makes taking pictures way too much fun...

hmmm what toy shall I play with next?

Thank you Grammie B!!