Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vegetables and Cousin Roger

Over General Conference weekend we decided to give Cayden Veggies for the first time...it was green beans and I can definately tell you they are not his favorite but he eats them! He has since tried carrots and today he tried sweet potatoes for the first time. So far Carrots seem to be the favorite and yesterday I gave him apples which he seemed to enjoy... Cayden is always trying to help us and feed himself..

Do I really have to eat this mom??

The week after that we were able to see baby Roger and the family again! It was Cayden's first time seeing him =)

This is a new toy to play with at Grandma and Granspa's house..

I think it is soo much fun having two cousins both boys and so close in age, hopefully they will have alot of fun together....they are going to be little trouble makers in a couple years!


Viva la Varner said...

Cayden is getting so big! He and Macy need to get together for sure...hopefully when we are down there for Thanksgiving. Your hair is so cute too!

K♥C said...

that is too funny! I love the pics with food all over his face.. priceless! I wonder what he was thinking when he tasted the carrots? =) Cayden is soo cute!