Monday, November 16, 2009

14 week scare!!

A couple weeks ago Mike and I went in for our fourteen week appointment. The nurse was using those old school heart beat monitors and was having a really hard time finding it so of course Mike and I were getting very nervous! She kept trying but nothing so she decided to do an emergancy ultra sound. Now any of you who have gone through this know how scarey this is. Luckily everthing was ok but boy was our little one all over the place! I could not get over how much it was moving!! No wonder they couldnt find the heart beat! The best part was our little buggie decided to take a break and suck on its thumb it was soo cute!! We have decided our little one is not shy at all and just wanted everyone to see it again!

This is the top of the head and the arm is the thing sticking up.
This is me at 16 belly just keeps growing and growing!! I can't wait till we find out the sex!! Only two more weeks from Friday!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Proud of our pumpkins

Mike and I were pretty proud this year of our pumpkins. I really wanted to do something out of the ordinary and not so easy. Well we spent a few hours on our pumpkins on Halloween day and it was alot of work but we had a lot of fun and I would say it was worth it...

Mike did this one which was my favorite. It doesnt even look like a pumpkin! It is Michael Myers...

After carving pumpkins we headed over to Mike's parents house for a family halloween party, it was lots of fun dressing up and eating yummy food and being with family.
Marley our niece is so cute and she had the cutest little outfit on...I loved it!

I luckily already had a costume so I was Alice in Wonderland and Beky was the Mad Hatter
Marley was such a cute little lady bug!!