Thursday, September 23, 2010


I cant believe another Carpinteria trip has come and gone...this one was the shortest trip we have done. It is really hard to think that just last year I was pregnant with our little Cayden and had no idea! Time flys way too fast! It was just Mike Cayden my mom and I but we still had a blast!
Cayden was anxious to get there...

I am sad we never got a group picture =(

I love my little man
You can clearly see how lovely the weather was...NOT!! It wasnt so bad but the only brave one to get into the water was of course Mike..
Cayden just chilin'

Taking a nap

I buried Mike =)

Grammie B Making him laugh

This place is a must everytime we go =)

He loves his mommy
We were playing uno and our little chunkster tried to eat the cards instead of play

Can't wait till next year!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 months

It is pretty hard to believe Cayden is already 5 months and I could not be more blessed to have a baby like him...he is seriously one of the happiest babies! Everyone is always telling me how he is always smiling and is so happy! I am really grateful and am trying to enjoy it as much as possible because who knows how our other children are going to be....but I defiantly think Cayden is going to take after me and be a little entertainer..he makes us laugh a ton!

The other day I was going through pictures on my phone and came across this one...we took this while he was still in the NICU just a couple days after he was born...I still can't get over how tiny he was and to see how much he has grown is so much fun..

We did some at home weighing and measuring and we think he is somewhere around 15 pounds and around 24 inches...
5 fun things about Cayden:
-He is learning to sit by himself as you can see from the pics above
-Loves to sleep on his side
-wants any type of drink you have! And if you are holding him he will try and grab it from you and drink it! (he has done that to me a few times)
-He is starting to play with toys which is not only fun to watch but also great when I need him to be distracted.
-He loves mirrors! He will look at himself and smile and laugh..I think he knows its him or so I would like to believe..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Roger and the beach!

last week our sister in law Kaile had her third baby! We have been looking forward to this birth mainly because he is only 4 months younger than Cayden and I can't wait for them to be reeking havoc at the family parties...we were able to hold him just hours after he was born and it was so much fun holding a tiny little baby again That is Madison below which is Roger's big sister...

Yesterday we finally made it to the beach!! I was looking forward to it all week and yes the weather was not great but I don't care..I love the beach in a jacket or a bathing suit! We ate dinner at Rubys on the pier and then hung out on the beach...Cayden loved it! He loves to be outside and is soo observant so it was alot of fun...

Total random shot I didn't know Mike took...I love being a mommy =)

It seems whenever I go out and Cayden goes poo...they never have the changing tables in the bathrooms! Luckily I had our stroller...and yep another pic Mike took that I had no idea about