Monday, May 31, 2010

First time at church!!

So we were finally able to make it to a sacrament for the first time as a family this past Sunday. Cayden was soo great thank goodness because you never know how they are going to be..and I just couldnt get enough of his little church outfit!! I love this picture(above)!! You can see just how excited he is about going to church =)

Here are just some random pictures from the past cople weeks...mainly for the grandparents =)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maternity shoot

I love going back and looking at pictures of Cayden to see how much he has changed since the day he was born and I noticed I never posted my maternity photos!! These were taken the day of my baby shower. There is a photographer from my home ward and she wanted to do this photo shoot as a gift which was really nice of her! We were trying to hurry because that day was rainy but getting wet and all was worth it cuz I love having them! It is soo werid to see me with a belly and in a very small way I miss him in there..

This one (below) was my favorite

Another favorite...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Got milk?

I chukle everytime I open our freezer...luckily he has been eating more so I havnt been able to freeze as much or we wouldnt have any room for our food!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One month!

It is in a way hard to believe that Cayden is already a month old...probably because my life is just one long never ending day and not separated by sleep just naps. Cayden has been gaining lots of weight..about 11 ounces every week. He gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks and just keeps growing and growing. He is still so far behind though...he weighed in on Wednesday this past week...6lbs 8oz but someday he will catch up especially at the rate he is going. Some things he has been doing:
When he is awake I can tell he is focusing on things and taking in all his surroundings
Loves taking baths now..he didnt in the begining but luckily that changed.
Loves to make noises..mainly grunting noises (I think he is finding his voice)
Extremely active when we dont want him to when I am changing his diaper or trying to get him dressed
Loves to go potty not once but twice while having diaper changed
Wants to eat all the time but only cries when he is hungry or really gassy
It seems like no matter when I check his diaper it is gaurenteed to be poopy and wet
lifts his head all the time when on stomach or on our chests.
We recently decided to take out the border in his crib because at night he scoots somehow completly over to it to suck on it which is not safe at all! He does this before he cries to wake me up which makes it even worse!
Loves to hold on to his pacifier and he has even tried to put it back in his mouth after falling out.
And today I had him on his belly for tummy time and he rolled on to his back!! I was soo excited and soo proud! This was yesterday when he turned one month...this was after his can see he is getting chubby =)

He seriously will try and suck on anything when he is hungry...even my hair

Our silly little guy

I love it when mike gets the chance to spend time with cayden because it doesnt get to happen very often and luckily he didnt have to work yesterday

My mom's parents were able to come up yesterday and we had alot of fun. They fell in love and wanted to take him home..I am really glad they took the time to come up and meet their 4th great grandchild for the first time!

I love being a mom even though at times it is very challenging but when he stares at me or smiles it makes it all worth it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day

So on mother's day we went on our first walk! I had been looking forward to it for a few days and the weather outside was soo nice!! we had lots of fun taking pics and just enjoying the day...

Later that night he just kept smiling and I love it when he does....that was all I needed for Mother's day =)