Thursday, May 28, 2015


I have always wanted to sign Cayden up for gymnastics but never have because the classes are typically really expensive. Luckily I came across a Groupon for 4 classes that was a great deal so I took advantage of it!! Cayden loved it!!!

We sadly had to miss the last class because Cayden got really sick but he talked about gymnastics for months after it was over.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Rancho pumpkin patch!

My mom loves having pictures of the grand kids on her wall in her office. So we started this little tradition of taking "holiday" photos so she can change them up throughout the year. For some reason the the kids we NOT up for Halloween pictures. We had made a prior attempt which was a disaster so we took another day to attempt it again. This time we thought it would be fun to try it out the local pumpkin patch.

Cayden was very excited to see they had swings and slides so we thought it would be good for him to have some fun while we were there.

They also had a petting zoo..

It was super hot that day and this picture about sums up our second attempt at pictures for Grammy. I can say however, on our third try on another day we finally got some =)

At least someone had a blast!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Disney Time!

I LOVE being at Disneyland during the holidays! I was very excited we were able to make it out a few times while it was decorated for Halloween =)

Seeing double..

Got to have some fun while waiting in line too!

Monday, May 11, 2015

L.A. Fair #2!

We really wanted to try and get the fair one more time before it was over. I am soo glad we did because we all had so much fun! It was sadly beyond HOT that day but we tried not to let that effect the fun =)

Auntie Julie, Uncle Scott, and Claire were able to meet us there as well!

We were able to watch a Sea Lion show which the kids loved..

I am so glad we went to the model train area. Cayden LOVED it and wanted to go through it a couple times, he was really fascinated by them all and loved being able to control some of them.

I am always way to cheap to buy the fair food but have always wanted to so of course we went with the fried cookie dough =)

Cayden of course loves going through the big trains as well..

Ellie would not go within 5 feet of smokey..

Cayden went up to the fire watch tower, something I never even knew was there. They talked to him about a few things and gave him an honorary card, he felt pretty special!

We saw this crazy pirate acrobatic show that gave me major anxiety but was really fun to watch, I don't think Cayden took his eyes off of it for a second..

Love these two..

Later in the night we were able to meet up with the cousin gang and hang out in the petting zoo area for a while before it was time for us to head home..
We had such a great day!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I am always SOO excited about our yearly trip to Carpinteria! On September 13th we all headed down and this year we were able to stay for three days instead of our usual two which was so much nicer!!

Ellie was loving waving at all of the birds..

Happy to see cousin Claire..

Grammy was happy to have all the grand kids with her =)

Did not plan it but we all laughed when we noticed how similar these two were dressed..

the highlight to Caydens trip was this, he still talks about it to this day how him and Daddy sat and watched the trains go by.

The group!

Always have to build a sand castle..
We are always soo sad to say good bye but always look forward to next year!!