Saturday, May 2, 2015

Disney fun!

On August 23rd we spent most of the day at Disneyland! Even though it happened quite a while ago (I am really trying to catch up) I remember it being such a fun day. It wasnt busy, the weather was great and best of all, the kids were soo good!
One of Cayden's favorite places to eat is at the Hungry Bear, he loves watching the boats go by and of course feeding the ducks =)

Love capturing moments like this..

I took Cayden on Mater and he was the lucky one chosen to have the special necklace in line so they can keep track of how long the line is...he felt pretty special..

He can't get enough of this ride..

Our sleeping Beauty fell asleep..

So while Ellie napped Daddy took Cayden on another one of his favorites..

The fire truck pulled up right when Cayden got out of line so we had to go say hello!

There was no line so why not go on it twice?

It had taken us months of convincing Cayden to go on the Ferris wheel. The last time we had passes it was a ride we HAD to go on because he loved it and laugh and smile the whole time!! So he finally was brave enough and we went on and didn't even dare go one the swinging one..

You could tell he was ok at first and the nerves started to get worse and worse..

And he was done close to the end but at least he was a trooper and tried it!
We ended the night back at Disneyland and went on more rides and had a great day!!!