Monday, May 11, 2015

L.A. Fair #2!

We really wanted to try and get the fair one more time before it was over. I am soo glad we did because we all had so much fun! It was sadly beyond HOT that day but we tried not to let that effect the fun =)

Auntie Julie, Uncle Scott, and Claire were able to meet us there as well!

We were able to watch a Sea Lion show which the kids loved..

I am so glad we went to the model train area. Cayden LOVED it and wanted to go through it a couple times, he was really fascinated by them all and loved being able to control some of them.

I am always way to cheap to buy the fair food but have always wanted to so of course we went with the fried cookie dough =)

Cayden of course loves going through the big trains as well..

Ellie would not go within 5 feet of smokey..

Cayden went up to the fire watch tower, something I never even knew was there. They talked to him about a few things and gave him an honorary card, he felt pretty special!

We saw this crazy pirate acrobatic show that gave me major anxiety but was really fun to watch, I don't think Cayden took his eyes off of it for a second..

Love these two..

Later in the night we were able to meet up with the cousin gang and hang out in the petting zoo area for a while before it was time for us to head home..
We had such a great day!!