Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well Cayden had experienced a few firsts the past couple weeks that have not been so enjoyable. Two Sundays ago Cayden's eye looked a little red which I thought was from scratching it or just was never watery or pussy looking which is when the nurse said I should come in, well on Tuesday his eye looked horrible! He could hardly open it because it was so swollen so I decided to just go in. They said he had pink eye plus an ear infection. Cayden has never had either of those things before. The eye drops were pretty much impossible to put in but luckily his eye got much better within a few days and luckily he liked the antibiotic, it smelled like a strawberry milk shake =) Not to mention the fact that Cayden had a really bad flemmy cough and a nose that was running what felt like ever second of the day(he can't stand us wiping his face or nose) Luckily the antibiotic helped with that too. This week Mike noticed Cayden was feeling really hot so we took his temp and it was 101! Cayden has never had a temp before being overly cautious I decided to give him medicine which I never do. His temp would go down and then go back up and go back down and go back up. Of course it was extremely hot during this time and we don't have air conditioning so Cayden didn't wear very much for a couple days, he felt like a hot box. He then got the worst diaper rash he has ever had and it just didn't want to go away! The cream would usually clear it up quickly but he has had it for a few days now and sometimes it was so bad he would scream and his whole body would shake in pain when we would try and was awful. Luckily the worst his temp got was 102.8. He has hardly wanted to eat anything either. His temp was bad for a few days and yesterday finally was back to normal..just not his appetite, I am hoping this is from whatever he had and not a new phase he is going's times like this when I say..things could always be worse =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day turned out to be pretty fun. I know Mike is not with Cayden in the first couple pics but I can't get enough of this little cutie in his suits for church..

He loves his daddy soo much..
After church and Caydens nap Dad got his gift!I surprised him by finally getting his watch fixed..he has been wanting to wear it for quite some time now..
I also got him a movie and I blew up a picture of a picture Mike liked of him racing at the drag strip and framed it. He also got the glass bottle root beer which he loves and I never buy and attached individual packs of nuts to it and made little notes that said we are nuts about you pops! I think he really enjoyed everything =) We had a great dinner of ribs, fried potatoes, veggies which were very delicious. Mike was craving chocolate cheesecake so that is what we had for dessert which I have never made and it turned out very yummy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sleepy boy

I took this video of Cayden "eating" lunch on Monday and had to share!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The zoo!

Last weekend the weather was really nice so we decided to finally check out the zoo! The zoo is not very big but had a lot more animals in it than I thought it would..
I felt like I was back home next to the peacocks, but i have never been that close to them before..

Cayden and I went into the petting area where there were a bunch of goats...

They had a few baby animals which I loved like this snow leopard..
I can't remember the last time I have been this close to a tiger and lion but it has been a long was really cool and they were pretty big!

We of course got all excited once we saw the giant tortoises..

These monkeys were soo crazy looking..they looked a lot like skunks..
There were more monkeys inside and these ones were our favorite..they were swinging everywhere and it was soo amazing to see how fast they could go and all of their little tricks they would they would make their monkey noises which I thought was fake at first until I saw their mouths moving to it..

After the zoo we went to the park and had lunch it was a really fun day =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mesa Falls

On Saturday we went to Mesa Falls with our friends Jeff, Laura, and their cute son Tanner. I was soo glad that we went!! It was by far the prettiest place we have been to in Idaho and we had a really great time!
On the way up there is a little lake that has a bunch of rainbow trout in it. You can feed them and they make it pretty fun to watch. They all fight for the food and are pretty quick, luckily we borrowed some of Cayden's cheerios and goldfish..The drive was soo beautiful...a very nice change from flat farm land =)
Our first stop was lower Mesa Falls which doesn't have a great view of the waterfall but a beautiful view of the thousands of trees..
Let's just say I was holding my breath while they were up there..

Then we drove up to upper meas falls and that is where the view got even better..
I couldn't get over how beautiful everything was..

Even Cayden was amazed..

There is a cute cabin that was built in the early 1900s that had a bunch of animals in it..
This just shows how much Cayden loves animals..shouldn't he be afraid??

There was a room that had a bunch of skinned animals which sounds awful but it was really interesting to feel the furs of all the different types of animals..

What big teeth you have!

Apparently Cayden had some phone calls to make once we got back into the car.. There was a view point we wanted to check out on the way home and it didn't disappoint..
Hmm wonder what these guys are up to? (don't worry they are not doing what you think they are doing)