Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well Cayden had experienced a few firsts the past couple weeks that have not been so enjoyable. Two Sundays ago Cayden's eye looked a little red which I thought was from scratching it or just was never watery or pussy looking which is when the nurse said I should come in, well on Tuesday his eye looked horrible! He could hardly open it because it was so swollen so I decided to just go in. They said he had pink eye plus an ear infection. Cayden has never had either of those things before. The eye drops were pretty much impossible to put in but luckily his eye got much better within a few days and luckily he liked the antibiotic, it smelled like a strawberry milk shake =) Not to mention the fact that Cayden had a really bad flemmy cough and a nose that was running what felt like ever second of the day(he can't stand us wiping his face or nose) Luckily the antibiotic helped with that too. This week Mike noticed Cayden was feeling really hot so we took his temp and it was 101! Cayden has never had a temp before being overly cautious I decided to give him medicine which I never do. His temp would go down and then go back up and go back down and go back up. Of course it was extremely hot during this time and we don't have air conditioning so Cayden didn't wear very much for a couple days, he felt like a hot box. He then got the worst diaper rash he has ever had and it just didn't want to go away! The cream would usually clear it up quickly but he has had it for a few days now and sometimes it was so bad he would scream and his whole body would shake in pain when we would try and was awful. Luckily the worst his temp got was 102.8. He has hardly wanted to eat anything either. His temp was bad for a few days and yesterday finally was back to normal..just not his appetite, I am hoping this is from whatever he had and not a new phase he is going's times like this when I say..things could always be worse =)


K♥C said...

Poor little Cayden! Im guessing on top of the pink eye and such he may be getting his molars. Its not a joy at all but hopefull that's all it is. The molars are the worse! Or maybe he's just really excited to get back to cali :)
hope he feels better soon!!

*Lauren* said...

Dang! When it rains, it pours! Sorry you've been hit constantly with problems. It's always so sad for parents....but thankfully he has medicine that seems to be working. When ever Bradlie or Seth would have horrible diaper rash and they'd be screaming, a baking soda bath soothed it every time. A bath works better than wiping in these sad cases. Hope he's all better soon!