Friday, July 1, 2011

Night at the park!

Last Saturday we decided to have dinner at the park! We made some delicious burgers, packed the stroller and walked on over. The weather has been soo nice here lately so we have been taking advantage of FINALLY being able to spend lots of time outside! =)
Cayden was too excited/distracted to really want to eat..
So Mike and I had to chase him around while we tried to..

We saw the baby swings and had to let Cayden on..he still loves them and was laughing the entire time..

The park has a carousal and I was really excited to go on with Cayden, he was already excited about the horsies before we even got on..


Jason and Tammy said...

How Fun!!

*Lauren* said...

You park has a carousal??? I feel gipped! Lucky ducks! Thank goodness it's hot's July. Crazy. Soak it us because there is limited time left!

Brian and Ally said...

Brian and I love the carosel one!!!! So cute!!! Can't wait to see you guys! Whenever that is going to be lol