Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas eve

The day before Christmas eve Julie came over and we made lots of goodies for my parents neighbors..we had alot of fun eating way too much listening to christmas music and being together =) Christmas eve morning Julie and Scott came over to celebrate..we had a delicious breakfast and presents!

Our little reindeer..

We were missing my brother and his girlfriend they sadly had to spend Christmas in Bora Bora...we felt really bad for them...missing out and all (NOT)

My parents surprised us kids with a gift we were not expecting at all..

And as you can see it was a good one =)

Mike got to drive his race car which made him extremly happy!
The aftermath of the dogs presents

That night we got ready and headed over to Mikes parents house to celebrate..
Gotta love his Christmas outfit

The grand babies..minus one...with Santa!
Time for presents!

He just wanted to climb on them

Took a little dive off of one...mommy tried to catch him

Thursday, December 30, 2010


So not to be mean but does this really look like Santa? Cayden even looks a little freaked out....guess that is the best you get when its free!! =) We went the day Cayden turned 8 months..I know I am a little behind on blogging.. Cayden got to try out a new toy...

And check out the fishies..

And I got addicted to this really fun game where you shoot at was alot of fun especially when Mike taught me how to aim!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hair Fairy

Yesterday morning the hair fairy decided to give Cayden a visit..and I just couldn't get enough of it =)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

8 months!

Cayden has changed soo much this past mont!! Just before Cayden turned 71/2 months he crawled for the first time and hasnt slowed down since. At first he was a little slow and shakey but man he is everywhere, it is so much fun! Poor Cayden had his first really bad what we think was a stomach bug this past weekend...he wanted nothing to do with food..and when I mean nothing I mean he didnt eat anything but pedialyte for 3 days. It was stressfull and no fun but man is he making up for what he lost because he has been drinking alot!
Cayden has been standing too!! He has to be holding on to something and we stay close but he loves standing up...I think because its a whole new perspective for him..

Cayden has been turning into a little cuddle bug and is always resting his head on our chest...I LOVE it...he has never really been one to cuddle so I am taking advantage of this stage because I am not too sure how long it will last =)
Cayden loves to explore and has found a few favorite things that never seem to grow old (if only he felt that way about his toys)..I guess I cant blame him since the toys are for newborns so today we gave in and gave him a christmas present early =) Anyway....there is a book shelf next to my parents piano and he always always goes over and pulls everything he can reach out and try to eat all the piano papers...and apparently he wants to learn Spanish

Mike and I have way too much fun with our little guy...

The day Cayden turned 8 months was pretty fun...we tried to give him baby puffs a couple weeks ago and even with breaking them up he always started to choke so we tried that night and he ate them great and loved them...but the fun thing was he picked one up and made it into his mouth..ok maybe not that big of a deal but for some reason it was for me..and then it was time to eat so my dad said he would feed him and Cayden randomly reached up his hands and held the bottle for the first time! He hasnt been too fond of it but has done it a few more times..

He really isnt our little baby anymore..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas parade and Temple!!

This past Saturday we rolled out of bed and went to the Christmas parade in town! It was actually pretty fun and even though Cayden had been really really sick he had a good time watching everyone..

Poor thing was pretty tired by the time it was over..

The next day(sunday) we headed down to the LA temple to look at all of the Christmas lights and we were able to see the new vistor center..if you havnt been and have been wanting MUST go!! It was amazing to see all of the things they have done!!

Cayden is always cracking us up =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is that what I think it is?

On Monday the 6th our little guy was being soooo needy! He would not let me put him down which resulted in me hardly being able to get anything done! I was soo frustrated until I noticed something white in his mouth!! FINALLY he got his first tooth!!! After soo many months of chewing and drooling my cute little Cayden has something to show for it! I was sooo excited and then realized that he just needed lots of love that day...this picture was taken today which has been another lovely day of mommy and daddy cant put me anywhere without me screaming and sure enough the tooth right next to it is coming through..I am wondering if the teeth breaking through the gum is the worst part? Well all I have to say is thank goodness for teething tablets!! =)
It's still comming through so not too easy to see but no more toothless smiles!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sapphire Rd.

We had soo much fun this past weekend! We went out with my parents my sister and her husband to go see the Christmas lights on Sapphire road. Before we went we ate at n-n-out and then went to get some hot chocolate which was perfect since it was pretty cold outside..
Cayden and I at n-n-out...a place I am going to miss
This year was our first year going and we decided it should be a tradition to go every year..almost every house has lots of christmas lights and a ton..I mean a ton of people come to walk the streets or stay in there car...alot of the neighbors make a business out of it and sell stuff out on their driveways..I guess it will pay for maybe a portion of what their electric bill will be =)
This house was themed was really cute all of the things they thought to do..

I thought these signs were funny..
It was really like a winter wonderland!