Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you hear what I hear?

This past Saturday the 26th Cayden finally said those 3 little letters =)...Cayden is pretty halarious and doesnt say ma ma but mom and I dont think I have mentioned, Cadyen says dad all the time instead of da da. Luckily I was able to catch it on video while feeding him lunch...lets just say I was one happy mom on Saturday! Oh and not sure if you cought the little humm he does in the video, he does that alot and I think its adorable!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

where is Cayden??

A week ago Cayden started playing peek a boo with me while I was changing his diaper with a teddy bear and I thought it was adorable! Now he does it all the time and I was able to capture it on video the other night while we were all watching a movie ..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11 months!

I must say that this stage of Cayden's life has been my favorite so far. Don't get me wrong..Cayden can drive me bonkers and definately knows how to throw a little fit but he cracks us up everyday and we have soo much fun! Cayden has gone from being shy and reserved to the little entertainer when we are out. Everywhere I go I am stopped so people can say hi to him and of course they are usually women. Cayden loves it and flirts with them...Mike keeps telling him to start getting numbers =).
We had to upgrade Cayden to a "big boy" carseat a few weeks back...I think he enjoys it alot more! Cayden still loves to put everything into his mouth and I am amazed sometimes at the things he can fit in there. The other day Mike found a dime in his mouth..thanfully he didn't try and swallow it! There are even toys I have to hold off until that faze is through because I am too paranoid he will choke...speaking of which, Cayden is still pacifier free and we have not had any issues with is such a relief knowing I am not going to have to stress about taking it away when he actually knew what it was..I dont think Cayden was really ever one of those babies that needed one...he hardly used it as it was..

A couple weeks ago Cayden out-smarted the whole carseat blocking the front entrance and has actually climbed up our stairs a few times! Luckily he didnt get far enough before I noticed. We have gone up with him to try and get him used to it but now we have put the carseat right infront of the stairs and he hasnt gone over it yet..I think I am going to have to give up the gate keeping him out of the kitchen and put it there =(

Cayden is absolutely obsessed with books!! I read to him all day long...we put his books up on a book shelf where he can still reach and he always goes for those and rarely his toys. He loves to pull each and everyone of them out too which cracks me up.

- I love how Cayden's ears magically stop working when he is doing something he isnt sapposed to, every now and then a miracle happens and he will listen but usually he just "doesnt hear us" =)
-Something I find soo cute is alot of times if he is playing on the floor making noises and notices that I have been watching him, he gets all embarassed and just kind of chuckles..its soo cute!
-Cayden has become soo loving, he loves kisses when he does give me some his mouth is always wide open, we think it's halarious. Everytime I am holding him he plays with my hair and I think it's soo sweet, or he will wrap his arms around my neck and just hug me, plus lately he has been laying his head on my chest when he is tired or if I want to snuggle for a minute before I put him down for a nap or bedtime..I just love it and can't get enough of it!
-He has become very good at walking within the last few days or so. He is choosing to walk alot more and is getting pretty quick on his feet!
So I thought it would be fun to see just how much he has grown in these 11 months and I am still amazed everytime I pull out the outfit he came home in just how tiny it is! It is soo hard to imagine him being that small and then I see how much he has grown! I feel like each day he losing the baby in him and looking more like a little boy...
(the only way I could get a pic of him laying on the floor was right after he woke up when he was still sleepy plus the car helped too..just cant see his face)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday

It's pretty sad when you have to ask your husband the day before your birthday how old you are turning. And when I do remember or am told it seems like every year I am more and more surprised by the number! I still can't believe I am 24. Not to mention I hadnt realized that this particular birthday was special until my dad mentioned it was my first one as a mommy...

I had tried sushi for the first time a couple months ago and loved it and ever since have been craving for more so that is what we decided to do since we had a reason to celebrate! It was a restaraunt in Idaho Falls and was decorated really fun...we got to sit next to a really cool little waterfall that had a bunch of fish in it.
Cayden always likes to help us pick out what to eat.. This was the weekend Cayden had the flu so he wasnt his usual self but at least was still able to give us a smile..

The food was delicious! We ordered 3 different types of shushi and ordered a hibachi stake which came with miso soup(spelling?) I had never tried it and it was ok...and fried rice which was really good! The only sushi I didnt like was the was ok just not a whole lot of flavor..the chef even apologized that the tuna wasnt centered when he gave it to us which I thought was funny.
I must say I also became a pro at chopsticks and used them my entire meal =)

Mike managed to ask them to bring me some ice cream without my knowledge so it was a nice little surprise! Cayden loved going to the pond with the fish..he couldnt see soo well so he tried to get on his tippy toes..I thought it was cute!

On my actual Birthday it was rainy all day..most people would not be happy about that but for those that know me know how much I love the I was happy! I was also craving a little burger place we love and eat at quite often so we went there and as always it was delicious! It will probably be the only place we will miss eating at here when we move...
After dinner we rented a movie and ate cake! Now the movie didnt end until just before 10, which is when Cayden goes to bed, so I only had a few minutes to frost and decorate it..I have only practiced with the frosting bags and tips so I dont think it was a very good decorating job but not bad for only having a very short amount of time and it being my first time and all =)

According to the candles on the cake I was only turning 11!

And Mike put in the card he gave me a coupon for a sewing machine!! He wants me to pick it out and I have been debating over a couple so hopefully that will be ordered soon..and I am sooo excited about it!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting better in 2 ways!

So Cayden has been having a rough few weeks...well let me rephrase that WE have been having a rough few weeks! Cayden has been having alot of skin issues. It started out with a really bad rash around his mouth and cheeks and since it has gone all over his body...not to mention the cracking lips! They were soo bad where at one point they would bleed a couple times a day, chapstick seemed to help and luckily they are alot better. We have gotten 2 prescriptions for his skin and they work good, just wish he didnt need a special lotion to keep it from getting bad. They say it's exzema but who knows.. I guess we can blame the windy dry Rexburg weather? This past weekend Cayden got a really bad stomach bug. He threw up 9 times in 3 days and it was always all over mommy himself and whatever we were sitting on. We went through many wardrobe changes and showers. Cayden was extremely needy and fussy..probably because he was starving,he couldnt keep anything down except pedialyte..even that came up once..not fun cleaning orange throw up out of the carpet. He also has not wanted to sleep...we have been very sleep deprived. He is doing alot better but still not wanting formula and STILL not wanting to sleep!

Mike thought some Jello would be good for him when he was he made some and I caught them in the kitchen and thout it was a cute moment. Cayden of course loved it and probably sould have eaten the whole pan himself!

In other sister and brother in law thought it was time for some new walking videos. He is getting better but still not walking this is for you Julie and Scott! =) Oh and by the way..I swear Cayden wears things other than pajamas(I noticed that was a theme in this post)