Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting better in 2 ways!

So Cayden has been having a rough few weeks...well let me rephrase that WE have been having a rough few weeks! Cayden has been having alot of skin issues. It started out with a really bad rash around his mouth and cheeks and since it has gone all over his body...not to mention the cracking lips! They were soo bad where at one point they would bleed a couple times a day, chapstick seemed to help and luckily they are alot better. We have gotten 2 prescriptions for his skin and they work good, just wish he didnt need a special lotion to keep it from getting bad. They say it's exzema but who knows.. I guess we can blame the windy dry Rexburg weather? This past weekend Cayden got a really bad stomach bug. He threw up 9 times in 3 days and it was always all over mommy himself and whatever we were sitting on. We went through many wardrobe changes and showers. Cayden was extremely needy and fussy..probably because he was starving,he couldnt keep anything down except pedialyte..even that came up once..not fun cleaning orange throw up out of the carpet. He also has not wanted to sleep...we have been very sleep deprived. He is doing alot better but still not wanting formula and STILL not wanting to sleep!

Mike thought some Jello would be good for him when he was he made some and I caught them in the kitchen and thout it was a cute moment. Cayden of course loved it and probably sould have eaten the whole pan himself!

In other sister and brother in law thought it was time for some new walking videos. He is getting better but still not walking this is for you Julie and Scott! =) Oh and by the way..I swear Cayden wears things other than pajamas(I noticed that was a theme in this post)


kristina and ryan said...

I'm so sorry about Caydens skin. Kaitlyn had ezcema really bad until about 2 yrs ago- I took her to a dermatologist and they gave us some awesome stuff and it cleared it right up. she still gets rashes on her forearms and certain spots, i'm not sure what causes it, but it has def. has gotten better. also, it could be do to food allergys as well. we got kaitlyn tested for that a year ago. i wish i lived closer - i would so watch cayden so you could catch up on sleep.

J + A said...

So sorry to hear about Cayden's skin. Hopefully it gets better soon. The videos are adorable (as always). He looks like he is becoming a good little walker :)

Viva la Varner said...

I seriously cannot believe that Cayden is already walking!!! Macy still isn't and she is 15 months old!! He is so cute, and I hope that the rash situation gets all resolved. Sorry he had the's the worst with a baby!