Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Haley's farm

On January 6th Uncle Scott, Aunt Julie, Cayden and I went to our cousins farm. It really isn't a farm but there are some fun animals to see. She has three goats which Cayden loved, of course the one Cayden loved the most wanted nothing to do with him. So of course Cayden would chase that one everywhere, the goat just "loved" that.
There were a bunch of chickens, and also rabbits. Cayden was able to go in the pen and walk around with them..

The highlight was Cayden got to ride a horse! He had so much fun..

He gave her some carrots afterwards..

Auntie Julie was not too excited about riding one but Cayden went with her and he insisted they wear matching helmets =)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy New Year!

Like most years now, our New Years was pretty uneventful. I did manage to find out that they sell legal fireworks just about everywhere for the holiday(I really didn't know this). So knowing Cayden would love that I got some fun stuff to keep us busy.

It was a fun day eating Del Taco, playing with fireworks, watching the countdown on T.V. and kissing at midnight =) I couldn't help but hope this year was going to better for us.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning was soo much fun this year! Cayden made us laugh a ton, he said and did some pretty funny things and made for a memorable Christmas..
Cayden with his presents excited to get started!
His stocking..
Cayden was very excited about getting a helicopter..
He also got this fun wooden train set which he loves..
A pirate gun, something he has been wanting and was very excited about..
This awesome E reader that comes with a bunch of Disney books and a pen so when you scroll over words/pictures the pen will say what it is. He loves this..
Cayden loves pingo, I had the book memorized back when Cayden was barely over a year because he wanted me to read it to him soo much, well there is now a second book and Cayden was excited to get it..
Loves the police car..
Winnie the pooh movie...
The back pack was wrapped in a Kohl's box which says Kohl's on the top. Cayden was unwrapping it and looks at the box and then says very UN enthusiastically that its from Kohl's. He cracks us up at the words he knows...but needless to say he loves the backpack..
After the presents Daddy took Cayden out for a little test drive on his new bike =)
Unfortunately we had a Christmas fiasco with our little Cayden. We always have a very yummy breakfast Christmas morning and we were all busy in the kitchen cooking when I heard a very loud thud and then Cayden crying. I rushed to the living room, where the tree is, to see Cayden touching his forehead crying then to see the nice very pointy, heavy, stocking holder had fallen off the fireplace that was holding his stocking. I put two and two together and tried not to panic. Where he was grabbing was just a little red and he had stopped crying pretty quick so we thought he got lucky. Well a while later I see a little pool of blood on the top of his scalp! I felt awful I hadn't noticed sooner but he was acting like nothing was wrong. Trying to look at it was not easy because Cayden did NOT want us to touch or even attempt to look at it. I was worried about it needing stitches but luckily Mike was able to see it didn't. But then the worry set in about a possible concussion. He was acting normal and looked normal but we decided to go to urgent care, well we drove to two locations and called one and none were open. Luckily my sisters brother in law is a paramedic so we called him and he told us things to look for if he had one. Luckily he had non the rest of the day and was perfectly fine..he did get Mcdonalds for lunch out of it all =)

Later on Auntie Julie and Uncle Scott came over with yet another present for Cayden. Cayden LOVES trash trucks, and Julie was lucky to find a very nice one.. I think by now you can see he was done with pictures =)

After that we hurried and got ready for a Christmas dinner at our house for my dad's side. It was an eventful, stressful, enjoyable, and definitely memorable Christmas =)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun this year. We started off the night with Cayden opening up his first present, Christmas PJ's of course..

He especially loved the mickey slippers =)

That day we made chocolate chunk pudding mint cookies, a recipe I tried out for the first time, and they were yummy. We left those and some milk out for Santa and some carrots for the Reindeer..

Then we headed over to Mike's parents house. There are three of us expecting (yes it is going to be a crazy year) so Mike's mom thought it would be a cute idea to have a picture of the three of us with our due dates. Left to right is Beky, May 7th, Kim who is due May 24th, and then me June 23rd. Beky and Kim both knew they were having girls and everyone was hoping I would too so I got a pink girlie paper too =)

Aunt Beky with all of the cousins..

Cayden got very spoiled this year from Grandma and Grandpa, they bought him his first bike!

Cayden had been playing hard that day and there was a lot of excitement and with no nap he of course was a little poop pants( that's what we like to call it) Plus I don't think he has the coordination for it quite yet but it will be something great for him to have over the next few years!

Grandma playing ring around the rosie with the grand kids..
Madison go a karaoke machine and all of the cousins were having a blast singing into the microphones, it was really cute to watch..

We were exhausted at the end of the night but it was a lot of fun =)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Finishing up the 25 days!

Well for starters, I cant believe I am STILL posting about Christmas with Valentines just a few days away and I am still not done, but better late than never =)
Day 12: We took Cayden to Bass Pro shop for a free photo with Santa. Cayden fell asleep on the drive over and stayed asleep while I held him in line. It was nice that he was able to get a little nap but was a little out of it. The picture makes me laugh because I see the confusion all over his face.

Mike of course took him to the shooting area which Cayden loved..

And we were able to quickly get on the carousel before we went home!

And on the way out, Cayden was looking a potential Christmas presents..

Day 13: We made hot chocolate and had a fire
Day 14: Did a Christmas craft...Cayden did a great job at his gingerbread man, I love letting him use his creativity..

Day 15: We went to the L.A. temple to see the lights! It was freezing that night and rainy and Cayden fell asleep on the way down (I wish he would just nap!) So Mike held him for a while and once he woke up he had a blast walking around the grounds looking at all of the lights..

Day 16: Mike was working so my mom and I took a chance and took Cayden to our church Christmas concert they have every year. With how much Cayden loves music I was crossing my fingers he would be good. And he did not disappoint, he was good through the entire concert. After it was over these two little old ladies in front of us were shocked to find out there was a two year old behind them, it was a good night.
Day 17: There is a house up the street from us that has a ton of lights that go to  music and we knew Cayden would love it this year which he did.
Day 18: Watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Cayden got a little Charlie Brown from his Nana last year and always liked him but had never seen a movie before so I was excited to see how he would like it. He loved watching it, and on a side note for me, he was giving me little kisses and hugs the entire movie which I know is not long but I loved every second.
Day 19: The moms that I teach workout with get together on Wednesdays as well for a music group and this time it was all Christmas themed, it was a lot of fun.
Day 20: We did another Christmas craft, this time Cayden did NOT want to show his face for the camera =)

 Unfortunately things got a little crazy from then on and I was bad about making cards for the rest of the time. We had such a blast doing something fun each day and I know Cayden really enjoyed this new tradition..

 Here was how I did the 25 days. Each day there was a little flash card in the envelope on whatever day we were on that stated what we would do that day..nothing fancy but Cayden loved having that in his room..

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Days 10 & 11!

On day 10 we made sugar cookies with Auntie Julie! Cayden had such a good time helping us, and surprisingly stayed for most of it and wanted to help with each step..

We also made some delicious fudge and Cayden helped with the sprinkles..

Cutting out the cookies..

And of course the decorating..

On day 11 we went to Disneyland with Daddy!!
I thought it would be best to sit out on the Mater ride(they said its up to the pregnant woman) so Cayden and Daddy went..

I love, love, love Disneyland during the holidays!!

Cayden loves riding on Daddy's shoulders..

My favorite part of the day was Cayden finally meeting Jack and Sally...

I think the reason it was so cute was because they are one of the few that actually talk to you. Cayden was very few in words, they asked his favorite color, no answer but when they asked how old he was he responded with his favorite, 540. They liked that, Cayden was just in awe over them..

Daddy of course thought it would be fun to check out the little gun range, especially since it was shockingly only 50 cents..Cayden loved it..
I am not sure when they changed the decor on It's a Small World (inside) but it is so cute! I really wanted to go one last time, they did a really good job.

We also tried the rockets for the first time. Cayden loved it!