Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Days 10 & 11!

On day 10 we made sugar cookies with Auntie Julie! Cayden had such a good time helping us, and surprisingly stayed for most of it and wanted to help with each step..

We also made some delicious fudge and Cayden helped with the sprinkles..

Cutting out the cookies..

And of course the decorating..

On day 11 we went to Disneyland with Daddy!!
I thought it would be best to sit out on the Mater ride(they said its up to the pregnant woman) so Cayden and Daddy went..

I love, love, love Disneyland during the holidays!!

Cayden loves riding on Daddy's shoulders..

My favorite part of the day was Cayden finally meeting Jack and Sally...

I think the reason it was so cute was because they are one of the few that actually talk to you. Cayden was very few in words, they asked his favorite color, no answer but when they asked how old he was he responded with his favorite, 540. They liked that, Cayden was just in awe over them..

Daddy of course thought it would be fun to check out the little gun range, especially since it was shockingly only 50 cents..Cayden loved it..
I am not sure when they changed the decor on It's a Small World (inside) but it is so cute! I really wanted to go one last time, they did a really good job.

We also tried the rockets for the first time. Cayden loved it!


Janelle said...

Love seeing pics of the Christiansen ladies! Btw, How in the world did you guys last with Cayden helping with ALL of the baking?? I usually will have Cliff and Vi each do maybe two things (Vi is typically the one really interested) and than its like, OK, too many near or total disasters, how about a movie now?? Please??!! Sometimes all 3 of them want to join in!!! :)

*Lauren* said...

Fun!!! Loved it's a small world too! I had no idea they could talk to people---love the 540 :)