Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning was soo much fun this year! Cayden made us laugh a ton, he said and did some pretty funny things and made for a memorable Christmas..
Cayden with his presents excited to get started!
His stocking..
Cayden was very excited about getting a helicopter..
He also got this fun wooden train set which he loves..
A pirate gun, something he has been wanting and was very excited about..
This awesome E reader that comes with a bunch of Disney books and a pen so when you scroll over words/pictures the pen will say what it is. He loves this..
Cayden loves pingo, I had the book memorized back when Cayden was barely over a year because he wanted me to read it to him soo much, well there is now a second book and Cayden was excited to get it..
Loves the police car..
Winnie the pooh movie...
The back pack was wrapped in a Kohl's box which says Kohl's on the top. Cayden was unwrapping it and looks at the box and then says very UN enthusiastically that its from Kohl's. He cracks us up at the words he knows...but needless to say he loves the backpack..
After the presents Daddy took Cayden out for a little test drive on his new bike =)
Unfortunately we had a Christmas fiasco with our little Cayden. We always have a very yummy breakfast Christmas morning and we were all busy in the kitchen cooking when I heard a very loud thud and then Cayden crying. I rushed to the living room, where the tree is, to see Cayden touching his forehead crying then to see the nice very pointy, heavy, stocking holder had fallen off the fireplace that was holding his stocking. I put two and two together and tried not to panic. Where he was grabbing was just a little red and he had stopped crying pretty quick so we thought he got lucky. Well a while later I see a little pool of blood on the top of his scalp! I felt awful I hadn't noticed sooner but he was acting like nothing was wrong. Trying to look at it was not easy because Cayden did NOT want us to touch or even attempt to look at it. I was worried about it needing stitches but luckily Mike was able to see it didn't. But then the worry set in about a possible concussion. He was acting normal and looked normal but we decided to go to urgent care, well we drove to two locations and called one and none were open. Luckily my sisters brother in law is a paramedic so we called him and he told us things to look for if he had one. Luckily he had non the rest of the day and was perfectly fine..he did get Mcdonalds for lunch out of it all =)

Later on Auntie Julie and Uncle Scott came over with yet another present for Cayden. Cayden LOVES trash trucks, and Julie was lucky to find a very nice one.. I think by now you can see he was done with pictures =)

After that we hurried and got ready for a Christmas dinner at our house for my dad's side. It was an eventful, stressful, enjoyable, and definitely memorable Christmas =)


*Lauren* said...

Glad it was a small injury. Christmas memories....