Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daddy and Cayden's conversation

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 months!

Our precious little cayden is now 3 months! He was weighed in on Monday and was 11.1..he is now averaging an ounce a day so we figure he is about 11.4 today. His weight has slowed down cuz our poor little guy has been struggling with a stomach bug the past couple weeks so it has been a struggle to feed him but he is still doing great on gaining weight and luckily it hasnt effected his sweet little personality. Cayden smiles and laughs and makes all sorts of noises all day and we just cant get enough of it!! Here are some pictures from today of us at a park near our house we like to walk to.

This is usally the face I get when I put the camera in his face...I can only imagine what he is thinking half the time...

Love those eyes...

Cayden rolling over...he still loves doing it all the time

And I FINALLY got a pretty good pic of his cute little smile...and you can see his cute dimple on his right cheek...its kinda hard to see but I love it!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just because...

So I had some pictures from the past couple weeks I thought I would post...I know I post a ton of Cayden all the time but I know of a few people who don't mind one bit =)

Mike and I like to joke with cayden and tell him the little animals on his swing and bouncer are his "friends" becasue he always stares at them like they are saying things to him and it makes us laugh...we always ask him what they are saying to him..sometimes he just laughs and smiles at them and other times he looks like the picture below...and whenever he cries while he is in one of them we ask him if they said something mean to him...we are dorks...

He is now actually noticing the toys on his floor he just needs to learn how to grab the toys to be able to get them in his mouth easier

So last week I came out of the kitchen to see our little guy in his bumbo lol....he did a really great job in it..and it was really funny just seeing him sit there but we decided we should prob wait until he is actually 3 months when we are sapposed to start using it...

at the park...

Laughing with his "friends"...

I still have yet to get a good picture of him smiling nice and big...everytime I get the camera out he just stares at it all amazed but I am determined to get one someday
This picture below is from today...I like it because you can finally see the color of his eyes..well sort of...I just love them and hope they don't change color too much

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy fourth!

Hope everyone had a great fourth of July!! This was us at the parade in Rexburg..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

our little rollie pollie

Holly cow Cayden is rolling at 2 1/2 months!! He did it for the first time yesterday while I was at the store so of course I had to whip out my video camera to catch it and sure enough when we put him on his belly he rolled right on over...and he even did it again after that! I thought maybe it was going to be a one time thing but today he has been doing it every time we put him on his belly. I just still can't believe it this little guy is growing up too fast!