Monday, February 15, 2010


This Valentines was a fun one. I started out the morning surprising my love with a little Valentine....he got all excited and loved it. Then we made delicious ableskivers for breakfast...yummy! Mike had to work on a group project at school so while he was gone I stayed busy in the kitchen making our dessert...cheesecake! Then we got ready and went to Idaho Falls and saw the movie Valentines Day which was cute and then to Olive Garden for a yummy dinner. We pigged out! We were anxious to get home becasue we had a package waiting from my parents that had some Valentines gifts in it...of course mainly for our little boy....thanks again mom and dad! We spent the rest of the night at home pigging out some more and just enjoying being together. I love Valentines!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 months!

It's hard to believe I am 7 months this week even though this pregnancy is still taking forever but I am hoping after the shower time will fly...we can all hope right? Well I have been feeling great...I think I am carrying low so I don't feel him at all in my ribs or anywhere near there but that will probably change towards the end. His kicks are definately getting more frequent and I feel him rolling alot! Mike and I love to cuddle on the couch and just stare at my bare belly and watch him is soo crazy...I love it!! Today has been soo great becasue we had an appt for an ultra sound to see our little boy!! It had been 10 weeks soo we were really excited!! I also had the pleasure of getting the glucose test done....luckily it wasnt as bad as I thought it would taste but it was still gross. They measured him and made sure all of his organs were there and looked good and his spine and cord and heart etc.. It was really comforting to know everything looks great! Well I still feel like my belly is too small and then I see a picture of it! Last week the docotr measured and said it was right on so that was good to know. Well I will definately say it has grown since my last picture... They did say that our little boy will more than likely be small becasue he is measuring small but not anything to stress over. I was shocked thinking this whole time we were going to have a little chubster come out but who knows...I guess better for me if he is small =)

I could just stare at him all day when they do the ultra's amazing the love you have for them already I am sooo excited to finally see him in person and hold him and kiss him!! The picture doesnt look as clear for some reason but that is of his profile.