Thursday, April 28, 2011

Party time!!

I can't believe his birthday has come and gone. I have been planning his birthday since he was just a couple months old..and I am pretty proud with how it turned out! We had his birthday on Saturday the 16th and boy was it HOT!! I laugh because I was worried about it raining with it being an outside party and it turned out to be the hottest day of the week!!
A lot of the stuff we made our selves and luckily my sister and my wonderful and surprisingly creative husband were able to help me out =)
Mike spray painted wood letters to spell out Cayden for the flags.. The tables..

The party favors were red and black licorice..

Mike came up with the note =)

I made these pom poms and wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I really liked them!

The table below them was supposed to be for the cake and cupcakes..but because it was soo hot they stayed inside and it became the present table!

My sister and I made the banner..

I found this shirt when Cayden was a couple months old and could not resist knowing it was going to be a race car themed party...he was having some fun before the party started..

The cake was not exactly what we ordered but it still looked cute and best of all we got it for free so no need to complain..

Photos of Cayden's first year of life..

Once people started showing up Mike got busy at the grill cooking up some burgers!

Julie and Kaile frosting the cupcakes!

My sister and I made the flags to go behind Cayden's chair

Present time!!

Cayden got some really great stuff..lots of toys books and clothes!

I Made all of the cute flags that went into the cupcakes..

Singing Happy Birthday!!

I was shocked when Cayden didn't devour the fact we pretty much had to force him to eat it and get messy with it...but he was still pretty entertaining to watch and I am sure he enjoyed it =)

He was a mess after and we were in such a rush that morning neither of us thought to bring a change of clothes for him but with it being soo hot I don't think he minded being naked one bit..

Auntie Julie and Cayden dipping their feet in the pool..

All in all it was an extremely busy stressful and enjoyable that we will never forget =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday boy!!

On the morning of Cayden's birthday (Friday, 15th) we decided to let him have a special treat for breakfast...but I have to admit it was more of a treat for mom and dad...Donut man!! Mike and I love Donut man and Cayden seemed to as well! He got to eat a sprinkle one =) Last year Mike and I got two park hopper tickets to Disneyland for pretty much free since we used our gift cards we got the previous year for going on our Birthdays. Well when we were down for Mike's intern the 4 months we were able to get in a few times for free in other ways so we never used them! So what better way to celebrate Cayden's first Birthday by going to Disneyland!! We were sooo excited since this would be his first time..
But before we went, we thought Cayden should have a little Birthday victory lap in the race car =)

We didn't want to stress about spending all day there mainly because we wanted him rested and it was a Friday and Spring break for a lot of people so we were not sure how busy it was going to be..we got there around 3 and LUCKILY it wasn't that busy!!

I definitely wanted Cayden to have a birthday pin...we got him a first time pin too but he tried to rip it off so we left that one off and a couple minutes later the birthday pin was the next sadly he didn't get to wear them..

We had sooo much fun! I don't know who is going to like Disneyland and dad, or Cayden. He did great the entire time and because he was so great we got to stay till about 11!

Disneyland was our first stop..

The first ride we decided to try was It's a small world..

I was soo anxious to see how he was going to handle going on rides..

He didn't cry or seem scared at all..just had this face pretty much the whole time lol..but towards the end he started to point and talk and smile..I just think he was a little confused at first.

Our good friends Jared and Amanda met us there after and we headed over to Pirates! This was the ride I was most excited about taking Cayden on..well a little nervous really but he liked it!


Jared making Cayden laugh at dinner..

Winnie the pooh was Cayden's favorite ride hands down...we went on it twice and he was smiling and clapping the whole time..

My brother and sister in law and there two kids happened to be there so we got to meet up with them and they gave Cayden his birthday present which was his first ears!

It didn't surprise me that he kept trying to take them off so he didn't get to really wear them but maybe next time when he is a little older..

Next was Haunted mansion!

It was starting to get close to Fireworks which meant all the kiddie rides would be closed so we rushed over there and was sadly only able to make it on Peter pan..

The fireworks hadn't started yet so we decided to beat the crowd and go over to California Adventure..

I am not sure if any of you have been there recently at night but they have this new club that is tron themed and it is all down Hollywood was extremely loud and lots of crazy people drinking and dancing so we tried to squeeze through the loud mess to go to Monsters and then we went away from the chaos to the bugs life area..

On the Caterpillar..

The park was closing and we were pretty tired but we couldn't leave without having some ice cream!!Something else we couldn't leave without doing was getting something for Cayden!

It was such a fun day and I hope if we get to move back to California that we will be able to get passes again!!!