Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter dinner and Cabazon!!

On Sunday my mom thought it would be a good idea to have Easter dinner with the family while we were down! Easter dinner is one of my favorites..I love the baked ham, the potatoes my mom makes and most of all...the CARROT CAKE! When Cayden was about 5 months old he was watching my dad swing a golf club in the back yard and thought it was halarious! He cracked up everytime the club would swipe the grass...well right before dinner Cayden was watching golf with my dad and again he would laugh everytime someone swung the golf club...I thought it was cute. Maybe a future golfer on our hands?

With my mom working alot, we thought it would be fun for her to take a day off and have some fun! So on Monday we went down to the Cabazon outlet mall in Palm Springs!

There is a Ruby's right next to it and it seems to be a little tradition to eat there when we are there so we enjoyed some burgers fries and of course the shakes!
They gave Cayden a kids menu and it had cute little paper cars you can put together..

But instead of playing with them..Cayden decided to eat them!

Ready to shop!!

If any of you have ever been is very big so Cayden had to get out once and a while to walk around..

We were able to find some really good deals!

It was pretty hot out but I was loving every minute of it..and by the end we were pooped out and so was Cayden!

As we were leaving on the freeway we looked over and realized we didnt go shopping in a whole section of the outlet! I was sad but way too tired to want to go back...but we still had a great time =)