Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breakfast burritos and grandma and grandpas!

On Saturday we were very excited to get some breakfast burritos in Chino Hills called Bravo burger that Mike has gotten my mom and I hooked on..and I don't even like breakfast burritos! So the three of us and Cayden headed over there and then did some shopping at Carters =) After that we went over to Grandma and Grandpas! Roger and Kaile and their cute kids came over too!
The little trouble makers..

Kaile with her baby roger and Aunt Olyesa playing with Cayden..

Cayden can climb up the stairs no problem but it's the coming down part he needs help on so Grandma was teaching him how and he thought it was soo fun if you can't tell by the big smile =)

Of course Cayden had to check out the race car

Cayden's cousin Madison got to check it out too

One thing I couldn't wait for was to sit in the hot tub!! I have been dying to just sit in hot water because it's been soo stinkin cold in Idaho and luckily it was kind of cold that day so it was perfect! And cayden LOVED it...I think he thought it was a giant bath tub for him..

No that is not a ghost it's just didn't realize how white I was! Cayden was loving being passed back and forth from mommy to daddy..

Cayden was splashing away!

Cayden wasn't able to stay in the hot tub long so after he got back into clothes he got to snuggle with Grandma on the hammock!

It was a really nice day!


K♥C said...

Cayden looks like a natural in the race car :) Mike better watch where he puts the keys haha!!
glad you FINALLY got to relax in the hot tub !
cant wait til you are back in Cali for good! =)