Saturday, April 25, 2015

L.A. Fair!

Every year I get so excited about going to the L.A. fair! We always go on the donation days so we pretty much get in for free and the kids always have a ton of its a double win =) This year we were able to spend the day with Tammy, Jason and their kids, which of course made it even more fun!

Cayden loved the petting zoo..

Cute little pirates..

Going to see the trains is always a must, the boys love climbing into them and even pulling the horn.

The girls just had fun hanging out in the strollers..

We were watching a parade and Cayden got sand all in his eyes. He was pretty miserable for a while but luckily got better.

The got a TON of beads..Ellie was happy about it!

This building was one we had never gone into but Cayden loved it since it was all about the super heroes. He has yet to watch any of them, mainly because of me, but has a big liking to mainly spider man.

We all had a really great time!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lake house!

On 8/16 we had the opportunity to go to a lake house in Canyon lakes. We had such a fun weekend with our good friends!! The first day we got there we went out on the boat, something Cayden was very excited about.

The water was soo warm and nice!

We all had fun jumping off the boat into the water..

Best friends...

The next day we hung out at the house and had some more fun..

Love the girl's crazy hair they were sporting..

While the girls napped the boys went in the little pool to have some fun..

Then the dad's took them out on the kayaks!

We had such a great weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2015

First day of preschool!

On August 12th Cayden had his first day of preschool! The night before we did a fun FHE about how we should be at school.

I was so nervous for him and was just hoping he would enjoy this experience and make some really good friends. Like most boys, Cayden wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

Cayden was really struggling with his smile, not sure if it was his nerves or what but they make me laugh..

We were able to go into the classroom so the teacher could speak to us and then we were able to watch them for a little bit. He seemed so unsure and quiet, he is shy just like his mom and dad.
 I am just glad I made it out without tears, pathetic I know =)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

First camping trip!

For Mikes Birthday we decided to camping at Carpinteria! I was a little nervous not knowing how the kids would do but luckily we just stayed one night....just in case!

A must whenever we go to Carpinteria is the candy shop!

When it was time to check in Daddy, with a little helper, set up the tent. Mikes parents were nice enough to let us borrow theirs.

Cayden was so excited about this trip!

And so was Ellie

After setting things up we headed to the beach!

The weather was perfect and we were all having a lot of fun..

That night we walked into town to get Dinner..

We made sure to make it back to the beach in enough time to watch the sun set..

The next morning we ate breakfast and Cayden played for a little bit on the campground..

We love the beach!!

Cayden and Mike were able to get pretty close to dolphins while they were in the water, I even captured one jumping out.

Cayden and I built a sand castle

Ellie was loving the beach soo much

We saw a few crabs too..

When it was time for Ellie's nap we decided to go on a nice long walk, so of course we went to go see Jasmine and Aladdins castle..a place growing up we used to go to when the tide was low enough..

You literraly have to cross quick sand to get there, it is not easy to walk through and a little deep, Cayden loved it

We were sad to leave but not sad to go home and take a nice long shower =)