Saturday, April 25, 2015

L.A. Fair!

Every year I get so excited about going to the L.A. fair! We always go on the donation days so we pretty much get in for free and the kids always have a ton of its a double win =) This year we were able to spend the day with Tammy, Jason and their kids, which of course made it even more fun!

Cayden loved the petting zoo..

Cute little pirates..

Going to see the trains is always a must, the boys love climbing into them and even pulling the horn.

The girls just had fun hanging out in the strollers..

We were watching a parade and Cayden got sand all in his eyes. He was pretty miserable for a while but luckily got better.

The got a TON of beads..Ellie was happy about it!

This building was one we had never gone into but Cayden loved it since it was all about the super heroes. He has yet to watch any of them, mainly because of me, but has a big liking to mainly spider man.

We all had a really great time!