Friday, August 31, 2012

Travel Town!

While my sister was still on Summer break we took Cayden to Travel Town! My Dad took us there a few times growing up which I hardly remember. I was excited to take Cayden though knowing how much he loves Trains and had been waiting for months to take the trip!

It was really neat to see all of the old trains, and crazy how big they are!

Cayden loved this old Fire truck and wanted to see it over and over..
Ringing the bell!

We went into the gift shop and they had a little train set to play with which Cayden was excited about..
We also took the train ride around the park which was cute...Cayden loved the train I got him..

After we left we went over to check out Griffith park which had another train ride which we didn't pass up =) It was a fun day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mike's Big 27!

Mike's Birthday was back on July 22nd and we had such a great weekend celebrating it! Mike was out of town for five weeks for training but luckily was able to come home on the weekends. Cayden and I picked him up from the airport on Friday and went to Outback for Dinner..
Another thing we did was go to Catalina! We heard about all the free stuff you can get when you go on your Birthday so we left Cayden home with Grammy and off we went! One of the Birthday perks is a free boat ride there and back..

We took advantage of another freebie which was a free meal for lunch..we had delicious buffalo burgers

The restaurant had a pretty patio and there was also a helicopter landing literally right next to it as well so it was fun to be that close to a helicopter land.

We did a lot of walking that day and went through a lot of the shops and of course had to get a free Birthday gift from one of the stores which was a fortune bracelet. I sported it for Mike and he got "health" as his fortune..
Mike took advantage of a free ice cream as well =)

My brother has been living there for a couple months now and had never stepped foot on the pier! So we of course had to document the first step =)

There was a random guy who loves snakes that lives there..

My brother knows a guy who has lived on the Island for a long time and knows a lot of fun facts and was pretty hilarious..he was kind enough to take us on a tour of the Island in his golf cart..

The golf cart "broke down" so they made Mike push it =)
 It was really fun to see the other side of was like we were on a whole knew island..

For dinner we ate at the Lobster Trap and had yet another delicious meal!

Sadly we had to leave but had such a fun day hanging out and relaxing and eating too was starting to get pretty cold and I knew I was going to be freezing on the way home so I splurged and got this..

And we were able to see this the majority of the ride back =)
Mike took Monday off and we headed to Disneyland! We had heard good things about an all you can eat BBQ place so we decided since it was a special occasion we would try it out.

The food was really good  and we stuffed ourselves..Cayden was loving the cornbread..

Such a goof ball..

There is a petting zoo area right next to it so we took Cayden over to play with the animals..

After our food settled we headed over to the T-cups which Cayden loves to go on with Daddy..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Disney with the Byers!

Back In July Cayden and I were able to meet up with the Byers clan at Disneyland! It was a going to be Marley's first time and were excited to be able to celebrate with her.
We first stopped on the carousel which actually ran over something because we all felt a big thud and then it stopped. We sat on it for several minutes before they finally had us get off...luckily it went around a couple times before it the kids were happy

After the big thud which startled me made Cayden worried  but he still had a great time on was his first time

Aunt Kaile making him laugh.
This trip was shortly after the incident with Cayden falling and going to the ER and Madison was there with him when it happened. Mike and I found out later that she was crying and soo sad because she felt really bad about what happened. She was really excited to give Cayden lots of hugs and kisses which she did =)

The walking line..

Grandma with most of the grand kids..

We had never been on Dumbo before either which Cayden loved..

He laughed and smiled the whole time..
Waiting in line to go on the train with Aunt Kim..

We got to sit in the cage

Cayden was definitely for some reason a little unsure about this ride..he loved that it was a train though..

The whole group ready to get eaten by the whale!

It was super hot that day and very crowded..and I am pretty sure you can see the heat was getting to cayden =)

We also went on the T-cups which Roger and Cayden loved!

We headed over to toon town and by then cayden was way past hot and tired and started to make it miserable so we ended up leaving but as we were walking out of toon town I happened to see Goofy walk to the picture spot so we hopped right in the beginning of the line..Cayden was soo excited to meet him!

It was soo nice being able to spend time with the family!