Saturday, August 11, 2012

Worst Day..

No parent I am sure ever wants to experience seeing their child lifeless before their eyes and unfortunately, Mike and I did. We were at our Niece Marley's third Birthday and Cayden and his cousin went to go play on the playground with Mike. Cayden was climbing up the stairs, slipped and hit his chest on the edge of one of them. He was trying to hold back tears but Mike quickly picked him up to make sure he was OK. Cayden was asking for his momma so Mike, Cayden and Madison walked back to where I was sitting. It had probably been at least a couple minutes since he fell and Mike went to hand him to me and we instantly knew something wasn't right. He was completely white, lips, everything and then he went limp. I stood up and yelled call 911 and Mike went straight to his mom who was right there. They laid him down and all I can remember is praying please come back and how doing CPR can hurt your ribs and lungs so badly, thank goodness he woke up before we needed to take action but by then Cayden's Uncle Jim was already on the phone with the operator and the paramedics were on their way. The scariest thing for us at this point was seeing how pale he was, Mike and I were a mess, especially Mike but we had so much love huddled all around us, hugging us, and keeping us calm. Cayden was coherent but seemed out of it and just soo pale, we wernt really sure what was wrong. Luckily there was a lady at the park who saw all of the commotion and called her husband who lived right down the street who was an ER doctor and he came right before the firetrucks and listened to his lungs and heart and said everything sounded OK. As soon as the fire trucks came Cayden was trying to sit up (he is obsessed with them)..
The firemen were the first to arrive and they were asking us a bunch of questions and checking all of his vitals and they thought everything was OK but thought it would be best to take him to the emergency room..

By then Cayden was sitting up and was starting to regain some color..
I went ahead and went with Cayden in the ambulance ride and Mikes parents drove Mike to the ER

While in the ambulance Cayden had almost seem back to normal which helped me feel calm and OK..Cayden and I of course made it there before Mike and his parents and poor Mike, the minute he walked in to the room he lost it all over again. I couldn't believe how our rolls had switched, Mike is usually the strong one and I am the emotional mess. He just thought he had lost his little boy and felt soo helpless in that moment..
The firemen were so sweet and gave him his own little hat..

Playing with Grandma..

They just said he had the wind knocked out of him, it was just so weird because it was a while after a fell but thank goodness everything was fine! We were sooo grateful to have family there to help us through it and good medical that covered the $1300 ambulance ride. We were so paranoid for a few days after and exhausted from that stress but are so thankful our little man is ok =)


Viva la Varner said...

WOW!!! I am so glad that he is ok. I am so sorry that happened and you had to experience that. I hope it never happens again. So glad he is ok.

J + A said...

OMG!!! I am so glad that he is okay. Poor little guy!

*Lauren* said...

It's so scary when your child is an emergency situation. It's cute when men show their true colors and shed a tear. Glad there was no real damage and that he's ok. Life is precious. You're a great mommy!

Janelle said...

I'm so thankful little Cayden is Ok. I have yet to meet the little man. I still look forward to it!