Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I have no idea if Cayden is trying to growl or just likes to make this noise but Mike and I have no idea what has made him to want to do it. And he does it alot...all the time and he has been for a couple weeks! Its pretty funny though...had to share =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9 Months!

This month there have been a TON of firsts for Cayden. He has been changing soo much and it's so much fun to see him grow. When we were still in California Cayden started to get up to his knees and then his feet in his pack and play but never on any actual furniture. Well the night we stayed at my Aunt and Uncles on our way back to Idaho he pulled himself on their couch(with the help of him wanting to get the remote) Ever since then he is constantly getting up on everything!! Which at first led to him getting hurt alot...and I mean several times a was his first battle wound.... This was by far the worst..luckily..but I am sure we will have many more. He didnt have very good balance which made him fall happened the day or so after we moved back. He smacked his head on the bottom shelf of where are tv is which is now why we have all of our pillows there....luckily he hasnt gotten hurt since on it. Now Cayden is able to stand easily on anything and its the fridge, any wall, couch, table..he will get right up! Sometimes he will just stay on his knees and bounce around. He has pushed off only twice and stayed standing for several seconds so far. He does cruise along the furniture though.
Since we moved Cayden has been using the big boy bathtub which he loves because it gives him alot more play room and he loves his bath toys!

We have been working on getting Cayden to fall asleep without me cuddling and rocking him and it has been going great...I for some reason have a hard time and have to check on him alot but it shouldnt be hard because he hardly ever cries when we leave him in there alone...thank goodness! It has only been taking him about 15 mins to 30 to fall asleep.
This is how he is when I get him in the morning or from a nap...sometimes he will just sit there and play quietly after a nap..its really cute.

Cayden still loves to play with everything thats not a toy..I call him my little shadow...he follows me everywhere and wants to do everything I am doing.
The other day he dumped out his toys to play with the basket they go into..this is soo Cayden!
He is starting to outsmart us but only sometimes...the carseat we like to use infront of the entry so he wont go over there because it always has wet dirty snow and our wet shoes..but every now and then he will find a way to get over there...

Cayden has started to have a few when he sees them its over and he races on the refrigerator when its open, the food pantry when open, the dishwasher when its open...that is the worst...I have to put him in his high chair when I do them or he will stand there and either chew on the racks or pull the dishes out, any air vent he will run his fingers up and down..I think he likes the noise, our trash can..yes he loves it...mainly because its stainless steel so he can see himself but he loves to kiss and lick it...its bad, the scale...I think he gets that from his mom haha...if we are upstairs the bathroom is right where he goes so he can push on it and see it light up.

As you know from the earlier post he his now clapping, and's really cute because he turns his wrist alot when he waves like the miss america wave. When he turned 8 months he started saying ba ba..and now he says da da but he mixes it alot with ba ba so alot of the time it just sounds like babbling. He also started earlier this month to pick up food very easily and put it in his mouth. Not soo fun when he is on the floor..he finds the tiniest things and puts them in his mouth, there have been times where we caught it too late and have no idea what he ate...even though he couldnt sneak it a couple nights ago..we had just cooked dinner and I picked him up to put him in his highchair and I smelled something really strong and strange on his mouth...turns out he was eating garlic..which explains the face he was makig. I now sweep often =) We have let him try yogart, cottage cheese, cheese, pizza, meat, and lots of different breads...but he pretty much will eat everything and if he sees food he wants it!
I decided to try him out on his rocket the other day..his legs just barely reach so in a couple more weeks he will have alot of fun with it but for now he loves to push the buttons. Cayden's stats:
Weight: 18.10...20%
Height: 27 1/2...26%
Head: 17.3....13%

Here are some pics I took of him after church(the day after he turned 9 months)

He is waving in this pic...
I wasnt kidding when I said he has done alot..and I definatley dont want to miss documenting anything... I cant believe in 3 months he will be a year!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking like an old man and clapping!

Mike and I would always make Cayden clap and he loved it...he would just smie and laugh and we were anxiously waiting till he would do it himself. Well last week on the 11th he did totally out of the blue..and we were sooo excited!! I of course pulled out the camera and he wouldnt do it...but luckily I got this he claps all the time and I think it is really cute!

On New Years day we had Cayden walk with his walker for the first time and he did it for a couple days then wanted nothing to do with the "walking" part just the toy we have been trying off and on since and on the 16th he did it again and luckily I got it on video...he is slow but its fun to watch him. He also started to wave bye bye on the same day!! I havnt been able to get that on video yet though...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Watch out!!

Apparently Cayden wants to go California (I WISH) but I must say he definately knows how a car works..I think his daddy is very happy about that. Maybe a future junior dragster? We shall see! But for now we just have a reckless driver on our hands =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that with Cayden..he could have no toys and be completely happy..and here is the proof. Cayden has started to let's just say become obsessed with things ltely and one of them is trash. Don't worry...he doesnt go through the trash can...its the trash that we put next to the trash can because it is too big to fit that he loves. And I mean the minute he sees something over there he gets all excited and crawls over to play. So last night it was the big yellow box...he likes this box because he likes to eat what is in it. I thought it was funny so I took some pics... He was entertained for a while which was nice for me

Well this morning I was putting on my make up downstairs and of course he starts to play with big deal..well I happened to look down and noticed cheerios on the floor...and then I saw his pants. Somehow he turned it upside down and got that lovely powder that is at the end of the box all over the floor and was the first time he made a sneaky mess so I had to take a picture..

So I clean him up and the mess on the floor and continue getting ready..I then look down and see this
He cracks me up! So Mike took the trash out when he got home from school but after dinner we had yet another "toy" for him and it wasnt long until he found it

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sledding..well kind of

I would definately say it was a nice attempt to go sledding. I was checking out at Walmart the other day and saw this really cute sled for babies that wsa only 9 dollars and I just couldnt resist. So last week before Mike started school we tried it out...
I laugh every time I see this picture...I cant help but think of the kid on A Christmas story.. I think Cayden felt like him too..

So we think Cayden was just really confused by the whole thing..he probably didnt understand why he had to be wearing a hudge marshmallow outfit and why was he being pulled around..but we were getting a kick out of it!

So I took over on the pulling and it was a mistake..I turned my back to pull and took a turn too sharp and plop went Cayden face first into the snow...Mike tried to stop it from happening but it was too late...I felt soo bad and he had snow all over his poor little face...we decided to call it a day.

Luckily we were able to get him to smile and laugh but this kid will be hurt or tired or sick...and you will always be able to get a smile out of him.

We decided to maybe give it another try soon..lets hope it turns out to be a better trip!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Loves his daddy

I am soo greatful for the relationship that Mike and Cayden have. I dont think I am going to have to worry about these two. It is soo adorable to see how much Cayden adores Mike. Even with Mike now in school he still makes sure to spend as much time with him as he can. On new years day I decided to try and capture the little things I get to see and must admit sometimes get jelous of on a daily basis =)
This is Mike explaining to Cayden that he isnt going to be around as much as he has been the past few weeks because he is going to be starting school but he still loves him...I thought it was really cute.

So this has nothing to do with the post but his eyes just looked too pretty..
This was that night...they were just cuddling on the couch
This video was earlier that day...Mike and I have come to realize we both have "roles" in taking care of Cayden...I seem to be the comforter...whenever he needs to go to sleep or is hurt..I can make him feel better he follows me everywhere and sometimes just wants me to hold him... Mike on the other hand is his play buddy...Cayden seriously looks at him and always smiles..Mike can make him laugh just by making a funny noise or drives me crazy! I try and do the same thing and nothing...luckily we are both the bad guys when we need to be lol

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

Well last week we officially moved back to Idaho =( don't get me is really nice living on our own again but this weather is no fun at all. I am counting down the days where it will be in the 50s hey even the 40s would be nice =). Last year on New years eve I don't even really think I thought about it since we had just moved to Idaho that day so this year we were actually able to celebrate it. We had a very nice dinner and discussed our new years resolutions. We then had some fun with Cayden as you will see below (I couldn't help myself) and we stayed up till midnight and watched the ball drop, kissed then went to bed! Cayden of course just wanted to eat it...luckily he isnt a girl because he does not like anything on his head..

The next morning we watched the rose parade..I have been wanting to watch it since it has been a couple years..and it just reminds me of the fun we used to have camping out every year with friends to see it in person =)

Hope everyone else has been having a good year so far!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas day

Cayden trying to wake up his daddy on Christmas morning...I LOVE this picture..makes me laugh everytime I see it! And as you can see it took us a little while..

Cayden patiently waiting to open presents so mommy can get a picture..

And it begins!! He didnt need a lot of help which was lots of fun for us to watch..

The lovely I just rolled out of bed Christmas morning photo..
The weather was soo nice was sunny but nice and crisp so we decided to go on a walk!

That night we went to my dad's side of the family Christmas party..

Saying hi to Mr. and Mrs. clause

Reading Twas the night before Christmas
Playing with his great grandpa

And getting lots of love from his great grandma =)