Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve

Well last week we officially moved back to Idaho =( don't get me wrong..it is really nice living on our own again but this weather is no fun at all. I am counting down the days where it will be in the 50s hey even the 40s would be nice =). Last year on New years eve I don't even really think I thought about it since we had just moved to Idaho that day so this year we were actually able to celebrate it. We had a very nice dinner and discussed our new years resolutions. We then had some fun with Cayden as you will see below (I couldn't help myself) and we stayed up till midnight and watched the ball drop, kissed then went to bed! Cayden of course just wanted to eat it...luckily he isnt a girl because he does not like anything on his head..

The next morning we watched the rose parade..I have been wanting to watch it since it has been a couple years..and it just reminds me of the fun we used to have camping out every year with friends to see it in person =)

Hope everyone else has been having a good year so far!


kristina and ryan said...

alicia (lamb) just moved up there too with her cute little family. her hubby is going to byui

cayden is such a happy baby! love all his smiles.

Heather said...

remember when you and tammy spent the night at my apartment in Pasadena and we walked up to the parade in the morning! Man that seems like sooo long ago!

I love Cayden's smile! He is so cute with the little headband for New Years!