Friday, January 7, 2011

Loves his daddy

I am soo greatful for the relationship that Mike and Cayden have. I dont think I am going to have to worry about these two. It is soo adorable to see how much Cayden adores Mike. Even with Mike now in school he still makes sure to spend as much time with him as he can. On new years day I decided to try and capture the little things I get to see and must admit sometimes get jelous of on a daily basis =)
This is Mike explaining to Cayden that he isnt going to be around as much as he has been the past few weeks because he is going to be starting school but he still loves him...I thought it was really cute.

So this has nothing to do with the post but his eyes just looked too pretty..
This was that night...they were just cuddling on the couch
This video was earlier that day...Mike and I have come to realize we both have "roles" in taking care of Cayden...I seem to be the comforter...whenever he needs to go to sleep or is hurt..I can make him feel better he follows me everywhere and sometimes just wants me to hold him... Mike on the other hand is his play buddy...Cayden seriously looks at him and always smiles..Mike can make him laugh just by making a funny noise or drives me crazy! I try and do the same thing and nothing...luckily we are both the bad guys when we need to be lol


*Lauren* said...

You had both Bradlie and myself laughing at that!! She wants to watch it again :) Cayden's laugh is fantastic!!

Jason said...

It's always nice to see a great father/son relationship - something I wish to have had from my father. Still, when I have children I'm sure I'll try to have a relationship like is being shown here!

Julie said...

It was soo nice to hear that cute laugh again. We're so glad that you posted the video. We miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Brian wants this on his phone!haha
So cute!
Brian and Ally