Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9 Months!

This month there have been a TON of firsts for Cayden. He has been changing soo much and it's so much fun to see him grow. When we were still in California Cayden started to get up to his knees and then his feet in his pack and play but never on any actual furniture. Well the night we stayed at my Aunt and Uncles on our way back to Idaho he pulled himself on their couch(with the help of him wanting to get the remote) Ever since then he is constantly getting up on everything!! Which at first led to him getting hurt alot...and I mean several times a was his first battle wound.... This was by far the worst..luckily..but I am sure we will have many more. He didnt have very good balance which made him fall happened the day or so after we moved back. He smacked his head on the bottom shelf of where are tv is which is now why we have all of our pillows there....luckily he hasnt gotten hurt since on it. Now Cayden is able to stand easily on anything and its the fridge, any wall, couch, table..he will get right up! Sometimes he will just stay on his knees and bounce around. He has pushed off only twice and stayed standing for several seconds so far. He does cruise along the furniture though.
Since we moved Cayden has been using the big boy bathtub which he loves because it gives him alot more play room and he loves his bath toys!

We have been working on getting Cayden to fall asleep without me cuddling and rocking him and it has been going great...I for some reason have a hard time and have to check on him alot but it shouldnt be hard because he hardly ever cries when we leave him in there alone...thank goodness! It has only been taking him about 15 mins to 30 to fall asleep.
This is how he is when I get him in the morning or from a nap...sometimes he will just sit there and play quietly after a nap..its really cute.

Cayden still loves to play with everything thats not a toy..I call him my little shadow...he follows me everywhere and wants to do everything I am doing.
The other day he dumped out his toys to play with the basket they go into..this is soo Cayden!
He is starting to outsmart us but only sometimes...the carseat we like to use infront of the entry so he wont go over there because it always has wet dirty snow and our wet shoes..but every now and then he will find a way to get over there...

Cayden has started to have a few when he sees them its over and he races on the refrigerator when its open, the food pantry when open, the dishwasher when its open...that is the worst...I have to put him in his high chair when I do them or he will stand there and either chew on the racks or pull the dishes out, any air vent he will run his fingers up and down..I think he likes the noise, our trash can..yes he loves it...mainly because its stainless steel so he can see himself but he loves to kiss and lick it...its bad, the scale...I think he gets that from his mom haha...if we are upstairs the bathroom is right where he goes so he can push on it and see it light up.

As you know from the earlier post he his now clapping, and's really cute because he turns his wrist alot when he waves like the miss america wave. When he turned 8 months he started saying ba ba..and now he says da da but he mixes it alot with ba ba so alot of the time it just sounds like babbling. He also started earlier this month to pick up food very easily and put it in his mouth. Not soo fun when he is on the floor..he finds the tiniest things and puts them in his mouth, there have been times where we caught it too late and have no idea what he ate...even though he couldnt sneak it a couple nights ago..we had just cooked dinner and I picked him up to put him in his highchair and I smelled something really strong and strange on his mouth...turns out he was eating garlic..which explains the face he was makig. I now sweep often =) We have let him try yogart, cottage cheese, cheese, pizza, meat, and lots of different breads...but he pretty much will eat everything and if he sees food he wants it!
I decided to try him out on his rocket the other day..his legs just barely reach so in a couple more weeks he will have alot of fun with it but for now he loves to push the buttons. Cayden's stats:
Weight: 18.10...20%
Height: 27 1/2...26%
Head: 17.3....13%

Here are some pics I took of him after church(the day after he turned 9 months)

He is waving in this pic...
I wasnt kidding when I said he has done alot..and I definatley dont want to miss documenting anything... I cant believe in 3 months he will be a year!!!!


Viva la Varner said...

he is so cute and such a happy child! I loved seeing you guys over xmas sad we didn't get to get together again. WE must! Clark and I just can't get over Cayden's's adorable. Get ready for the water works when Cayden turns 1.

Heather said...

Time flies by so fast doesn't it!! I absolutely LOVE his smile looking up at you out of the crib. He is growing up and learning so many things.

His wave is so cute! You do such a great job and capturing all his milestones no matter how big or how small.

*Lauren* said...

Keep documenting!!! You'll love it forever. It'll amaze you how you'll keep saying how 'he's learned so much' over and over again--haha! It won't stop. Seth and Cayden both have that obsession with the dishwasher---drives me nuts! Good luck with sweeping often...I'm not that on top of that. I've made it Scott's chore :)