Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking like an old man and clapping!

Mike and I would always make Cayden clap and he loved it...he would just smie and laugh and we were anxiously waiting till he would do it himself. Well last week on the 11th he did totally out of the blue..and we were sooo excited!! I of course pulled out the camera and he wouldnt do it...but luckily I got this one...now he claps all the time and I think it is really cute!

On New Years day we had Cayden walk with his walker for the first time and he did it for a couple days then wanted nothing to do with the "walking" part just the toy part..so we have been trying off and on since and on the 16th he did it again and luckily I got it on video...he is slow but its fun to watch him. He also started to wave bye bye on the same day!! I havnt been able to get that on video yet though...


K♥C said...

that totally made me laugh today!! Cayden is so funny! I cant believe how good he is walking, he's going to be all over the place before he's 1
I love how he just fell over after clapping so much to!
cant wait to see him again

Brian and Ally said...

Dag Nabit! I'm gunna miss the buffet line! Gosh darn play pin get out of my way! You kids get off my lawn!
Love Brian and Ally
P.S. That's supposed to be in an old man voice. LOL