Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that with Cayden..he could have no toys and be completely happy..and here is the proof. Cayden has started to let's just say become obsessed with things ltely and one of them is trash. Don't worry...he doesnt go through the trash can...its the trash that we put next to the trash can because it is too big to fit that he loves. And I mean the minute he sees something over there he gets all excited and crawls over to play. So last night it was the big yellow box...he likes this box because he likes to eat what is in it. I thought it was funny so I took some pics... He was entertained for a while which was nice for me

Well this morning I was putting on my make up downstairs and of course he starts to play with big deal..well I happened to look down and noticed cheerios on the floor...and then I saw his pants. Somehow he turned it upside down and got that lovely powder that is at the end of the box all over the floor and was the first time he made a sneaky mess so I had to take a picture..

So I clean him up and the mess on the floor and continue getting ready..I then look down and see this
He cracks me up! So Mike took the trash out when he got home from school but after dinner we had yet another "toy" for him and it wasnt long until he found it


K♥C said...

you made me laugh so much this morning!! Cayden is hilarious!
that's really sweet of you guys to leave treasures for him to find.. I dont know what it is about boxes, but they are the BEST! LOL
oh.. they have banana cheerios that are so yummy! they dont have honey so Cayden should be able to have them :)

Heather said...

that is so funny! I love the surprised look on his face, like "me?" he is sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Brian and Ally miss Cayden so soo much!!
I guess we miss you guys too!
Can't wait to see you guys soon!
Love super mucho
Brian and Ally

J + A said...

Cayden is just the cutest! His face with the Pepsi box is hilarious. He's got this look like "Oops! You caught me."