Thursday, June 28, 2012

And again..

Unfortunately, our third trip to Disneyland wasnt as enjoyable as the first two. Cayden was napless and was definately not in the greatest mood but we decided to give it a try anyway..
While we waited for Jared and Amanda to meet us we went on Winnie the Pooh..

Although you can't tell in the picture, Cayden really liked it..
After Pooh, we went on Haunted Mansion! Luckily Jared always knows how to make Cayden smile =), In line for the Jungle cruise..
He liked this one too and we got to sit at the front of the boat which is always fun..
We then decided to try out Buzz Light year and apparently picked the right time to go on it. Something happened while we were riding it and ended up being stopped for about 5 to 10 minutes which meant we could continue shooting the entire time..
We did boys verses girls, I dont think any of us will score that high ever again!

We knew Cayden was going to love Autopia but needed to make sure he was tall enough first =)
Mike was able to snap a few pictures behind us. I let Cayden drive the whole time which meant we were constantly hitting the center rail but he of course would laugh everytime we did..I just tried to keep him from flying out..
And this was Cayden when he had to get off the ride, it was pretty bad. Definately found out which ride is his favorite..
We were going to try and go on more rides but decided it would be best to take Cayden home so he could sleep..he did get a little train ride in though =)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disney again!

On our Second trip to Disneyland we decided to try going after Cayden's nap later at night, not to mention it would be somewhat cooler =) We ended up going back to California to finish up some of the rides we missed on our frist trip..
We went on Monters Inc..
And we decided to try out the ferris wheel. We wernt sure how Cayden was going to react but I figured he would probably love it..
Poor Cayden fell face first on some asfault earlier that day so his nose and forehead were pretty scuffed up..
Waiting in line!
Apparently getting tired of waiting in line..
Luckily it was almost dark by the time we got on so everything was lit up which was nice..

The first time around is never that exciting since they are always stopping but by the second round cayden was by himself, and this was his initial reaction..

He thought it was sooo much fun, he was turning so red because he was laughing so hard.

We decided to make a quick run to Disneyland since Mike has been anxiously waiting to take him on to Pirates. Luckily there was hardly a line and Cayden loved it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We finally caved..

Ever since we moved back to California last July Mike and I talked about getting Disneyland passes, but with Mike not having a job yet, Cayden at the fun age of 15 mo, and just what our future held kept us from getting them. Well we finally got them a couple weeks ago and luckily are sooo glad we did! We were definitely worried about Cayden being scared on the rides or it just being a huge hassle waiting in lines but luckily for the most part he is so fun to take! Mike was starting a new job and had 2 weeks off in between so we thought that was the perfect time to go!
On the tram! Oh and I have to note that I thought for sure Despicable me was a Pixar movie(caydens shirt), well it turns out its Universal. I was embarrassed in a silly way..I felt like a trader!
We decided to take it all slow since we could go all year and thought the first place we would go to would be California Adventure before Cars Land opened..The first ride we went on was The Little Mermaid. Mike and I both had not been on it so it was a first for all of us!

 The next ride was the Golden Zephyr..Cayden patiently waiting in line..

Ready for take off!

Then we decided to go to Bugs land where we went to see It's tough to be a bug. I was a little nervous how he would react to all of it since there are a few creepy parts but luckily he only got a little nervous and he even wore the glasses!

Then we went on Heimlichs chew chew train..
And then Francis' ladybug boogie..
Mike was spinning it pretty fast and Cayden loved it!

He was cracking up the whole time...

The last ride we went on was Flicks Flyers which cayden really enjoyed..

We could tell Cayden was getting tired so we decided to head home but first we had to get our passes taken care of (hard copy and photo) which ended up taking an was a mess! So luckily we left when we did but overall Cayden had a blast, every time a ride would be over he would say "again" which was cute and luckily would not throw a fit when we explained to him we needed to get off. We are soo excited to have passes =)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Girls Day!!

My mom, sister and I have been planning a girls day since before Christmas time and were finally able to get around to doing it a few weeks ago! We decided to do a session at the Redlands ended up being a much needed trip for me personally but we all had a great time..

After the temple we headed over to one of our favorites, Cafe Rio! We ate too much like always so decided to go do some shopping after and burn off some of those calories =)

It was such a nice day!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ever since Cayden got this car from his Grandma and Grandpa Mike was anxiously waiting for the day to put a new "engine" into it..(battery) I had no idea you could put different batteries in these types of cars and as a result make it faster! Cayden was getting really good at driving it so we thought he was ready..

 Getting some air!

 I think it needs a wheelie bar..
 Our little race car's in his blood!

Cayden loved it..until he broke it..Mike fixed it and then it broke again..and sadly not fixable but luckily he can still drive it, it just doesn't go as fast.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthday party mania!

Cayden had three Birthdays he was invited to within a two week period! It all started at the end of April where we went to his friend Madison's first Birthday. There was a bounce house which he has never been in so he was pretty afraid at first but once Mommy got in there and showed him how much fun they were, he had a blast!

They also had pony rides which was way fun because Cayden has never been on one and he loved it!

Cayden with the Birthday girl!
The next Friday Cayden was invited to his friend Beckams 4th Birthday. It was themed Star Wars and Beckams mom, my friend Kareen went all out and even made costumes for each kid that came so they could be a Jedi Knight..

They even made their own light sabres..
Cayden waiting to be trained by a Jedi master..

The next day was our Niece's Birthday! She had it at a really fun place in Anaheim..cayden was a little afraid at first since but once he warmed up he realized how fun it was!
Cayden dancing with the Birthday girl..

Trying to get little R to dance with them too..