Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Disney again!

On our Second trip to Disneyland we decided to try going after Cayden's nap later at night, not to mention it would be somewhat cooler =) We ended up going back to California to finish up some of the rides we missed on our frist trip..
We went on Monters Inc..
And we decided to try out the ferris wheel. We wernt sure how Cayden was going to react but I figured he would probably love it..
Poor Cayden fell face first on some asfault earlier that day so his nose and forehead were pretty scuffed up..
Waiting in line!
Apparently getting tired of waiting in line..
Luckily it was almost dark by the time we got on so everything was lit up which was nice..

The first time around is never that exciting since they are always stopping but by the second round cayden was by himself, and this was his initial reaction..

He thought it was sooo much fun, he was turning so red because he was laughing so hard.

We decided to make a quick run to Disneyland since Mike has been anxiously waiting to take him on to Pirates. Luckily there was hardly a line and Cayden loved it!


remy martin said...

Beautiful glimpse of the family. Child is more cute or the Mom is cute is a ambiguity in mind but one thing i should admire the efforts of the photographer are exceptional. Love it.
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mother of 3 said...

I s]love the picture of his BIG smile.