Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthday party mania!

Cayden had three Birthdays he was invited to within a two week period! It all started at the end of April where we went to his friend Madison's first Birthday. There was a bounce house which he has never been in so he was pretty afraid at first but once Mommy got in there and showed him how much fun they were, he had a blast!

They also had pony rides which was way fun because Cayden has never been on one and he loved it!

Cayden with the Birthday girl!
The next Friday Cayden was invited to his friend Beckams 4th Birthday. It was themed Star Wars and Beckams mom, my friend Kareen went all out and even made costumes for each kid that came so they could be a Jedi Knight..

They even made their own light sabres..
Cayden waiting to be trained by a Jedi master..

The next day was our Niece's Birthday! She had it at a really fun place in Anaheim..cayden was a little afraid at first since but once he warmed up he realized how fun it was!
Cayden dancing with the Birthday girl..

Trying to get little R to dance with them too..


*Lauren* said...

Ha! Seth has that same outfit (the green polo and shorts---love Kohls!) Maybe when we come down we'll come by and our boys can be twinners