Thursday, June 28, 2012

And again..

Unfortunately, our third trip to Disneyland wasnt as enjoyable as the first two. Cayden was napless and was definately not in the greatest mood but we decided to give it a try anyway..
While we waited for Jared and Amanda to meet us we went on Winnie the Pooh..

Although you can't tell in the picture, Cayden really liked it..
After Pooh, we went on Haunted Mansion! Luckily Jared always knows how to make Cayden smile =), In line for the Jungle cruise..
He liked this one too and we got to sit at the front of the boat which is always fun..
We then decided to try out Buzz Light year and apparently picked the right time to go on it. Something happened while we were riding it and ended up being stopped for about 5 to 10 minutes which meant we could continue shooting the entire time..
We did boys verses girls, I dont think any of us will score that high ever again!

We knew Cayden was going to love Autopia but needed to make sure he was tall enough first =)
Mike was able to snap a few pictures behind us. I let Cayden drive the whole time which meant we were constantly hitting the center rail but he of course would laugh everytime we did..I just tried to keep him from flying out..
And this was Cayden when he had to get off the ride, it was pretty bad. Definately found out which ride is his favorite..
We were going to try and go on more rides but decided it would be best to take Cayden home so he could sleep..he did get a little train ride in though =)