Thursday, June 21, 2012

We finally caved..

Ever since we moved back to California last July Mike and I talked about getting Disneyland passes, but with Mike not having a job yet, Cayden at the fun age of 15 mo, and just what our future held kept us from getting them. Well we finally got them a couple weeks ago and luckily are sooo glad we did! We were definitely worried about Cayden being scared on the rides or it just being a huge hassle waiting in lines but luckily for the most part he is so fun to take! Mike was starting a new job and had 2 weeks off in between so we thought that was the perfect time to go!
On the tram! Oh and I have to note that I thought for sure Despicable me was a Pixar movie(caydens shirt), well it turns out its Universal. I was embarrassed in a silly way..I felt like a trader!
We decided to take it all slow since we could go all year and thought the first place we would go to would be California Adventure before Cars Land opened..The first ride we went on was The Little Mermaid. Mike and I both had not been on it so it was a first for all of us!

 The next ride was the Golden Zephyr..Cayden patiently waiting in line..

Ready for take off!

Then we decided to go to Bugs land where we went to see It's tough to be a bug. I was a little nervous how he would react to all of it since there are a few creepy parts but luckily he only got a little nervous and he even wore the glasses!

Then we went on Heimlichs chew chew train..
And then Francis' ladybug boogie..
Mike was spinning it pretty fast and Cayden loved it!

He was cracking up the whole time...

The last ride we went on was Flicks Flyers which cayden really enjoyed..

We could tell Cayden was getting tired so we decided to head home but first we had to get our passes taken care of (hard copy and photo) which ended up taking an was a mess! So luckily we left when we did but overall Cayden had a blast, every time a ride would be over he would say "again" which was cute and luckily would not throw a fit when we explained to him we needed to get off. We are soo excited to have passes =)


*Lauren* said...

Lucky Ducks!! How awesome you guys get to go!