Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This years trip to Carpinteria was filled with eating way too much food and candy, lots of laughter and fun memories. It was another short trip, we left Saturday morning and came home Sunday, but like usual we had a ton of fun! We got to the beach around lunch time so after we ate our lunches we headed downtown and of course stopped at Robitaille's to get some delicious candy.We were very anxious to see how Cayden was going to be at the beach this year and he LOVED it!
The water was freezing since Saturday was cold and dark but Cayden did not care, and he would have a big fit every time we took him out of the water..

He couldn't get enough of it!
Uncle Scott playing with Cayden..
Playing with seaweed..
Chasing the birds..

Judging by the way we look, you can only imagine what Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott were doing to try and get Cayden to smile...

Auntie Julie and Cayden...
By the end of the day, Cayden was covered in sand from head to toe...
After a fun day at the beach we went back and got ready for Giovannis..

We decided to walk off all the food we ate, so we walked back to the beach!
We laughed so hard trying to get a jumping picture..
Cayden almost had a near death experience when Grammy was attempting to do a wheelie with him..good memories
Sunday we got up early and headed to the beach!

My sister and I decided to play the ball velcro thing and Cayden got a kick out of it..

Mike braved the cold water and went body surfing..
My mom and her Tab..
We went on another walk and I found us some lunch!
I was wondering how the napping would work at the beach and on our walk I could tell he was in desperate need for one..luckily while I was holding him on our way back he fell asleep and I enjoyed every minute of it =)

We had some dinner at the Spot and then it was back to reality...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day fun!

We had a lot of fun this Labor Day! First, we rolled out of bed and headed over to get our favorite breakfast burritos at Bravo Burger where we met up with Mike's parents. After breakfast we headed over to the Chino Airport. Mike and I have been wanting to take Cayden to see the planes for a while now because he loves them. The minute he hears them in the sky he points them out and says plane so we knew he would have fun. We didn't go into the museum but there were some planes outside he got to look at.
My sister Julie and her husband Scott met up with us at the Airport and luckily Scott was able to get us into the training area so we were able to sit in the planes...I had no idea how small they were!

Cayden got to play in the Helicopter

We even got to watch one of them take off..After that fun we went home and put Cayden down for a short nap and headed over to Jared and Amanda's Grandparents house for some swimming and bbqing! We had a great time eating food, swimming, playing pool, and making yummy smores in the fire pit..
Jared and Amanda have the cutest little dog named Stitch and he went from one of the rafts into Cayden's it was really cute and Cayden loved it..
We had a great day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I don't mean to brag BUT...

I just went to Albertsons today and spent $8.76 and saved $31.91! That's a 78 percent savings which has been my best trip so far! I know to some of you the savings is not all that great but I made it a goal while living in Idaho that when we moved back home I would get really good at couponing, and it has become a new favorite hobby. I only spend a couple hours at most a week on it and don't get hundreds of newspapers, in fact, I only get one and I am still learning but considering the fact that I planned that grocery trip all by myself without the help of money saving mom and the krazy coupon lady, I think I deserve a pat on the back....and maybe a cookie from the bag of Albertsons baked cookies I got while at the store(for free) Happy Monday =)