Monday, July 30, 2012

Cars and Fireworks!

A few weeks ago we met Jared and Amanda at Disneyland! We decided to finally check out the new cars land and I am so glad we did! They did such a good job with everything, it was like we were in a whole new park! We were also able to try out one of the new rides =)

It was a lot of fun and Cayden was laughing so hard the whole time, even while Amanda and I were sandwiching him..

As we were walking around we happened to notice these tire hats(not sure if I should even call them that) but apparently Amanda and I have big heads because we could barely get them on!

After some fun at Disneyland we decided to watch the fireworks from the parking is definitely not the same but well worth not being in the crowds of people..

It was right after the fourth of July when we went so Cayden still had fireworks fresh in his mind, or as he calls them, Boom Booms!

It was a great night!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The fourth!

The Nursery kids were included in the parade for our ward fourth of July breakfast we have every year. Typically you decorate a bike or razor, since Cayden doesn't have a bike yet, I decided to decorate his rocket!

I thought it turned out really cute =)

Cayden hanging out..I thought his hand his pocket was really cute

Gotta love Grammy's shirt!

It was finally time and Cayden was very excited!

Everyone got a kick out of his rocket. He is too big for it now so it was pretty funny watching him go around the parking lot but once he found this hill that's where he wanted to stay..

He was getting some good speed!

Mike couldn't wait to do fire works at night (he was really excited) so we did a few after the Breakfast..

We were anxious to see how Cayden would be and unfortunately it is illegal where we live to have them so the only things we bought were poppers, sparklers, and smoke bombs..but as you can see he was loving it..

We attempted to get him to nap which he wouldn't do so a few hours later we were back for more fireworks!

He is such a goof!

I drew out a hop scotch which Cayden loved to do, we would ask him to pick out the numbers we had to skip which made it pretty interesting..

We would go out front periodically because there were a lot of fireworks in the sky which were of course fun to see..

When it finally got dark we did the rest of the sparklers..I never realized if you draw something in the air and take a picture it will show what you were drawing, so we had some fun with that!
Caydens scribbles..
He did a circle..

Mommy did a heart..

And a cloud!
We had a great Fourth of July!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Swim Class!

A few weeks back Cayden was in a swim class and had a blast! He was able to go with his friend Heather which I think made it more fun for the both of us =)

Cayden has always loved the water but had never gone under or learned the kicking and paddling so it was a great way to start off the summer!

Cayden started out on his bottom to "jump" in and then before we knew it he was jumping off with his feet..

Cayden was such a champ, even when it was something he was afraid of or didn't like, he would usually do it anyway and has gotten soo much better in the pool!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach Day!

A few weeks ago we spent the day at the beach with Jared and Amanda! It ended up being a perfect day to be there, nice and sunny =) Before we headed out to the sand we went over to the tide pools to look at crabs and sea anemones, Cayden loved picking off all of the little crabs from their homes and throwing them into the ocean, he loved it. Sadly I didn't have my camera for once, but was able to get some pics once we went to the sand =)

Making sure its in there good..

About to destroy..

Mike even made a custom race car for Jared..

Cayden sat in the back and made race car sounds..
They guys started to bury Cayden and at first he was a little confused at what was going on and then he didnt like it so much..

While we were there we saw a ton of Dolphins, they were everywhere! After the beach, to avoid traffic, we headed over to Cafe Rio. I would say it was a pretty good day =)

Monday, July 2, 2012

ok ok, the last time!

So for our last trip to Disneyland before Mike started back at work we headed to Disneyland..It was very very crowded that day sadly but we wanted to stay as long as we could..
We started off at Alice in Wonderland..
The lines were pretty bad but were able to go on Snow white and Pinochio, then we decided to get a little snack..
Luckily Small world was short so we went on that..

Before we left I decided we should get Cayden a little gift. Cayden got a Mickey the first time he went when he was a year and has loved it ever since, it was the first stuffed animal he slept with. He now has 3 little friends in bed and thought why not one more? He loves Donald and Goofy so it was a toss up at the store but he ended up with Donald =)

It was soo cute, on the tram ride back to the car Cayden sat him next to him and held his hand..
He wanted Mommy to grab the other hand..

Even if it is hot or really crowded we always have a great time at Disneyland =)