Monday, July 30, 2012

Cars and Fireworks!

A few weeks ago we met Jared and Amanda at Disneyland! We decided to finally check out the new cars land and I am so glad we did! They did such a good job with everything, it was like we were in a whole new park! We were also able to try out one of the new rides =)

It was a lot of fun and Cayden was laughing so hard the whole time, even while Amanda and I were sandwiching him..

As we were walking around we happened to notice these tire hats(not sure if I should even call them that) but apparently Amanda and I have big heads because we could barely get them on!

After some fun at Disneyland we decided to watch the fireworks from the parking is definitely not the same but well worth not being in the crowds of people..

It was right after the fourth of July when we went so Cayden still had fireworks fresh in his mind, or as he calls them, Boom Booms!

It was a great night!