Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A rice cereal feast

Cayden has been really showing interest in our food...so we deicided to try rice cereal for the first time the other night..despite the fact that 90% of it came right out of his mouth it seemed pretty sucsessfull! I think that other than the confusion he really enjoyed it! I even tried it which was also the first time for me trying my own breast milk since it was mixed in...it wasnt nearly as bad as I thought and to me the rice cereal tasted like sweet oatmeal!
His first bite!!

These are just some pictures I thought were cute of bath time...we got it really really bubbly and it was getting all over his face...and mouth it was really cute!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 months!!

Cayden turned 4 months on the 15th which was a little while ago but we have been busy enjoying every minute of being here in California! The day he turned 4 months we celebrated my dad's birthday which was fun because my mom's parents and Mike's parents came up to celebrate and of course see Cayden..

We put this outfit on him to honor his papa C's birthday =)

Brian already trying to get him into music...

We have been spending alot of time over at Mike's parents..they have such a nice pool and in this heat it has been sooo nice!!

We put Cayden in the pool for the first time last week and he loved it..thank goodness!

Cayden has rolled from his back to his stomach sveral times believe it or not!

We took Cayden to the doc. right before he turned 4 months and here are his stats:
Weight: 13lbs 1 oz...17%
Height: 23 1/2......8%
He is getting soo much fun! He absoloutly LOVES his burp cloths!! He is talking all the time and is such a happy baby...he smiles at everyone which I love. It is so much fun to see his personality grow. I just can't get enough of him!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

cress creek

It's really hard to believe that just a week ago..we were still in Idaho! Last Tuesday we went over to Cress Creek, it is a nice little hiking trail and it was beautiful! This is definately one thing we miss about Idaho..it has really beautiful areas...the sky is always usually georgeous and has the best sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you laughed today?

Cayden made our day today! We were getting ready to go on a walk and Mike jokingly threw the blanket at Cayden and he thought it was halarious! Cayden laughs alot when we smile at him but it never really sounds like a laugh and its just usually out of nowhere so it was really fun to actually make him laugh...we just thought it was too cute!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rigby Lake and the happenings...

This past weekend we thought it would be fun to try out a lake near where we live...well it was a short trip with no sun cover for Cayden and it also didn't help not being able to put sun screen on him but it seems like it will be a fun place to take him next summer when he is older... He had to hang out in his car seat to stay in the shade...but he loved being outside and was his usual happy self!

So what would be a post without a ton of pics of Cayden...and I know this will change in a couple weeks since we will be living with my parents who are close to Mike's parents...because usually the obsessive posting is for them so I figured I will do it while I can =)
So Cayden has been making us laugh every day...he is soo much fun! He LOVES to fly with his daddy and it is usually when it is time for a diaper change...

He also LOVES holding blankets, burp cloths and toys and smothering them all over his face..im not sure why but it is really cute...
A couple weekends ago my best friend Tammy came over to meet Cayden for the first time..he loved her..I kept calling her his girlfriend...it was fun just being lazy...we watched movies and she even made us dinner =)

Cayden LOVES to make noises!! It is now something he does almost all day long and we get a kick out of the silly faces he makes all the time...

We definately don't need to worry about Cayden not getting enough fluids cuz this little guy drools like crazy! It is always dripping out of his mouth...as you can see in the pic below the huge wet spot on his shirt...