Tuesday, January 31, 2012

diaper drama!

A few weeks ago while my sister was on Christmas break she came over to work on some crafts with me. When it was time for Cayden to take his "nap" I got him in some comfy pants and put him down. Cayden has been having a lot of napping issues, like not napping at all. He will sit and play in his crib for 2 to 3 hours until it is too late for him to take a nap( I would like him to sleep that night). Recently a problem was that he would go poop and not want to sleep because of it, I definitely don't blame him on that one. Well because this was happening often I would often go in there after a half hour or so to see if that's why he wasn't asleep yet. Well we were having one of those days where he was not falling asleep and crying, so Julie suggested I go check on him in case he did poop. I went in there and picked him up to find myself wondering why I was touching his bottom..I turned the lights on(it was really dark) to find this..He had pulled his pants down and managed to partly take his diaper off..luckily there was no poop in it but he did potty in his sheets..Julie and I had a pretty good laugh..

A week or two later my mom was on her day off and it was time to put Cayden down, I needed to make a few errands so my mom stayed home while Cayden "slept". When I got home my dad told me I needed to go into Cayden's room. When I got to the door I found this...
Cayden once again had pulled down his pants and took off his diaper but this time there was poop involved! He took his diaper completely off and threw it out of his crib, luckily it landed well so there wasn't a mess all over the carpet but there was poop on his bumper and sheets. Luckily there was no sign of it on his face, just his hands which we hope is from him taking off his diaper. My mom and I couldn't help but laugh, I am just glad my mom decided to go check on him since he wasn't napping, she on the other hand wishes she didn't
Lesson is definitely learned: Cayden now has either a sleeper or a onesie on when it is time for him to "nap" =)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bye bye curls

Cayden has had his hair cut twice in the past and both times I was happy to see the hair go, but for some reason I was getting really attached to his long, curly, messy hair. I was debating for weeks on weather or not to cut it and finally a few weeks ago I got the courage. So Mike and I decided to just pull out the cutters this time..I have to say I was really happy with the results, especially since it was free! He really did need it! The thing that was hard to deal with was how old he looked after! He went from looking like a 20 month old to a 3 year old!!

He is so silly, the only way I can get Cayden to smile for the camera these days is to tell him to show me his teeth...this is what I get, I love him =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Temple lights!

On New Years weekend we were able to go to the Los Angeles Temple with Jared and Amanda to see the Christmas lights! We seem to go every year so I was really glad we were able to go even if it was after Christmas.

It was really foggy that night but made the temple look really neat..after walking around we went to Diddy Riese which I was really looking foward to..it was a great night!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas eve night and christmas day!

Ok, ok.. yes I am still posting about Christmas, but this is I promise the last post! After all the fun at my parents house we headed over to Mike's parent's house for some more family fun!
Isn't nice that Santa decided to come by for a visit??

As you can see, I ended up doing all of the unwrapping, I think Cayden was burnt out on opening presents by the end of the day..

The next morning we had church and we attempted to get a family photo before we left, but we all know how that goes with a 1 1/2 year old...
he started to have a little melt down in the middle of it so we sadly didn't get a very good one but hey it's better than nothing =)
That night we had yet another family party! This time it was at my parents house and it was for my dad's side..
Christmas was soo good this year, Cayden's age, the food, family, music, everything..it is really hard to believe that January is already almost over!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Eve morning Part 2!

After opening Santa's gifts we got right to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Julie, Scott, Brian, Ally, and my Nana and Far Far were all able to come over to have some yummy food and good times =)

My mom found these cowboy boots several weeks ago and Cayden LOVES them, he is constantly wanting us to put them on him. Well my Nana and Far Far thought they should complete the look..He got a cowboy hat..

A horse..
And guns! He loves it!

There is a new sherrif in town!

Cayden was able to open up even more presents...they were from Auntie Julie and Uncle Scott

We had such a great morning filled with family and memories!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas eve morning! Part 1

Well with Christmas falling on a Sunday and church being at 9am we decided to ask Santa if it was ok to come a little early this year. Luckily he was ok with it so we had presents on Christmas eve morning. Mike and I were really excited to see how Cayden was going to react to all of the Christmas stuff this year so we were up before him and had to wait! I was really considering waking him up but luckily did'nt have to =)Cayden loves to help "clean" when mommy is cleaning so I thought he would enjoy his own set of cleaning tools..

Time to start un wrapping!!
Building blocks!!
A piano..
Bath toys..

A motorcycle..Poor Cayden would get excited over the toy that was wrapped and not understand why he could'nt play with it..when we asked if he wanted to open another present he would say no, we thought it was funny.
Cars 2...A ball pit...Cayden has a ton of fun with this one..especially when daddy and pap C play a big ball war with him..
A Lawn mower..which he loves pushing around and filling it up with gas with the little gas can it comes with..

A little electronic toy that teaches him what letters go with what words etc...it is a huge life savor for the car =)
Cayden also got a lot of trains which he loves and a train mat!
There were a few more presents in his stalking along with some candy and when I pulled it off the fire place and sat down to show him..he turned his back to me and backed up and tilted his head back and said..hat! Lol he thought it was a Santa hat so we made it one =)
A few more cars to play with..
After Cayden it was mine and Mikes turn..I must have been really good this year because I got an I POD!! I lost mine in the move and love to have one while running in the morning so I was really excited..we are really behind on technology these days so it was like a whole new world to me but I love it!