Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas eve night and christmas day!

Ok, ok.. yes I am still posting about Christmas, but this is I promise the last post! After all the fun at my parents house we headed over to Mike's parent's house for some more family fun!
Isn't nice that Santa decided to come by for a visit??

As you can see, I ended up doing all of the unwrapping, I think Cayden was burnt out on opening presents by the end of the day..

The next morning we had church and we attempted to get a family photo before we left, but we all know how that goes with a 1 1/2 year old...
he started to have a little melt down in the middle of it so we sadly didn't get a very good one but hey it's better than nothing =)
That night we had yet another family party! This time it was at my parents house and it was for my dad's side..
Christmas was soo good this year, Cayden's age, the food, family, music, is really hard to believe that January is already almost over!