Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Eve morning Part 2!

After opening Santa's gifts we got right to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Julie, Scott, Brian, Ally, and my Nana and Far Far were all able to come over to have some yummy food and good times =)

My mom found these cowboy boots several weeks ago and Cayden LOVES them, he is constantly wanting us to put them on him. Well my Nana and Far Far thought they should complete the look..He got a cowboy hat..

A horse..
And guns! He loves it!

There is a new sherrif in town!

Cayden was able to open up even more presents...they were from Auntie Julie and Uncle Scott

We had such a great morning filled with family and memories!


K♥C said...

it looks like your little buckaroo had a great Christmas :) Heather has one of those horses too.. I can just picture them running around the park with them! HAHA
lets plan a sat play date.. old hammer or fink? play time then maybe a picnic? =)