Tuesday, July 19, 2011

15 months!

Believe it or not our little Cayden is now 15 months old! He has changed so much in the 3 months since he turned a year and for a while I was being really good at taking pictures of little things I like and not so much like and then I started being bad about it so the majority of these pics are from a couple months ago. The minute Cayden wakes up to the minute he goes to bed he is full of energy, except for the peaceful 2 to 3 hours I have to myself during his nap time =)
Cayden went through a little phase where he loved to look at us upside down which he still loves to do but now it is hanging upside down off of our coffee table..He likes to play with the light that will come through the blinds..

Cayden loves to play with anything that has wheels..and what is really cute is he makes the car noises..Cayden started to make this face which is quite hilarious..he mainly does it when he hears an unfamiliar sound..
Loves to look out of our windows..
Cayden still loves food and the only thing he doesn't like so far are green beans..

He has discovered how fun it is to open up all of our cupboards, luckily he cant open the fridge yet but when I have it open he comes running.. It's amazing to see how he understands what we are saying and we understand what he wants. I love that when I say something like, are you hungry or thirsty? He will go to the food pantry or fridge. Or when I say we are going bye bye he runs to the front door. He loves loves loves to talk! The majority of it is stuff we don't understand but he has mastered a few words..I know some have been mentioned before but here is the list...mom, dad, Jesus, what, that, light, cracker, bye bye, uh oh, and he has just started shaking his head and saying no, luckily it is only when he doesn't want anymore food but even still I don't think he fully understands the word no(unless mommy is saying it) =) The latest thing he is doing that I love is blowing kisses and folding his arms when we pray.
Here are his stats:
Weight: 21.11oz...13%
Height: 30in.....18%
Head: 18 in.....13%

Sunday, July 17, 2011

what we have been up to!

Life has been pretty crazy these past few weeks. Mike has been very busy with school and finals and I have been busy packing but we have been having some fun along the way..
Mike and I were able to go to grad night last week where the president of the school spoke. He said some much needed words of encouragment..it was a great little date night!
Earlier that day Cayden was invited to his first Birthday party! Most of the kids were older than him but he still had lots of fun especially since the last part of it we got to go to the splash park! They did a water balloon game and Cayden got to help try and catch them..
This past weekend we decided to go out and celebrate Mike almost being done with school!
Cayden tried a lemon for the first time..
at first I thought he liked it...then he made this face

I told them it was his Birthday which yes it wasnt on that particular day but it is this week..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

This fourth of July felt like a very busy, long day but was a lot of fun! We started the morning out by waking up early and walking down to the parade. We left at 815 and the parade was not until 10(we wanted to have a good spot) and even then there were hardly any open spots. We had to let Cayden pretty much run around everywhere to get some energy out before the parade started.Aubrey making him laugh..
Getting ready!!I was excited this year because Cayden wasnt two months old like last year which meant I could have an excuse to run out into the street like a kid and get candy =)..I did share some with the boys..the main candy they were throwing was taffy which I have been wanting for forever so I was really excited and Cayden got to try it for the first time and really liked it.
Cayden started falling asleep while Mike was holding him so we walked home before the parade ended and let him take a nap while we got ready for the firework show in Idaho Falls! I was really looking forward to this show mainly because it is the second best firework show in the nation! Our friends were kind enough to let us join in with them and their family who had already gotten a spot earlier that morning. The spot where they lit the fireworks was only a minute or two walking distance from where we were sitting.
we arrived around 6 and the parade didnt begin until 10.. we ate delicious carne asada tacos and everything they did was homemade which made it even better!
Gotta love Idaho and the never ending wind..

Getting anxious because it was almost time for the show! Can you see how red Mike's eyes were? We all three suffer from pretty bad allergies in Idaho but Mike has it the worst, poor guy was miserable because the wind had picked up..
Finally!! Cayden was definately a little nervous at first and was a little shaky, and it was pretty loud since we were soo close. Mommy and Cayden enjoying the fireworks..
Daddy and Cayden..
The firework show was amazing...it was like a finale the whole half hour and they did some things that I had never seen before..Mike said it was the best Firework show he had seen which made me happy because he didnt want to go knowing what it would be like trying to get home.
Poor Cayden's allergies started getting bad not to mention how exhausted he was, he is used to going to bed at 830 and by then it was 1030..I kid you not, he started to fall asleep during the firework show..I didnt think that would be possible.
Well I am really glad we were able to experience this since this was our only chance. We got to our car which was in a parking lot at 11. We noticed everyone trying to leave which was about 4 cars were sitting there for a while so we didnt even turn the car on..we sat in the car for 45 mins and by then about 2 cars had been able to get out when finally the cars on the main road started to move so we hopped in line and got out and got on the freeway which we didnt think was so bad until about 10 mins on the freeway we were in horrbile traffic. We didnt get home until 245 that morning!! Idaho Falls is only about a 25 minute drive! We were soo exhausted from such a long day and couldnt wait to climb into bed. It was definately a fourth of July we wont forget!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I can't believe that in 2 short weeks my hubby who has worked soo hard the past year and a half will be graduating!! We have been packing, and packing and doing more packing the past couple of weeks, not so fun when you have no air conditioning and it's in the 90s but we are soo excited to be back with family and friends in California =) Just feels like yesterday we were moving here in the un snow plowed roads New years weekend and I was pregnant with this cute little guy..time is flying way too fast!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Splash park x's 2!

We have a great splash park in the park we go to often(we are really lucky to have such a great park walking distance from home). The first time I ever took Cayden I went with a friend and her kids. Cayden was of course a little leary at first and stood there for a couple minutes..He really wanted to touch the water but his feet somehow wouldn't work =)
he finally got comfortable enough to get wet and was attempting to have a drink as well..
Cayden was soaked from head to toe in no time!

So if you saw in the first picture there is a large bucket on the top which pours out a lot of water every minute or so..well Cayden walked over to where all the water goes down and I couldn't get to him in enough time before all the water came crashing down..I will admit it wasn't so much a rush to get him..I really wanted to see how he would react. Of course I felt awful when I saw the huge frown on his face and tears filling up his eyes but he got over it very quick and was back to the baby area..then being the little boy I love he raced on over to the same spot not even five minutes later..this time I had the camera ready. In all fairness I did warn him not to go over there..
So Cayden is that little blue thing right in front of the kid in the red and white striped bathing suit. That time he cried, luckily this experience did not keep him from wanting to play in the water.Cayden not looking so happy after surviving the evil giant bucket..The next time was this past weekend and daddy got to go!
So this time the little fountains turned off while he was playing with one and he went up to the hole in the ground and I new it was only a matter of seconds before the water would come shooting up into his face (we are horrible parents hu?) dad got a pic right after the water came shooting up on him..he was just a little stunned is all..

This picture is too funny..Drying off with mommy!

On the run.. Cayden loves helping us out with pushing the stroller..

What would be going to the park without playing on the swings?
After swing time we walked across the street to a snow shack we love!! It is soo refreshing on a hot summer day ...this is something I am going to miss

Friday, July 1, 2011

Night at the park!

Last Saturday we decided to have dinner at the park! We made some delicious burgers, packed the stroller and walked on over. The weather has been soo nice here lately so we have been taking advantage of FINALLY being able to spend lots of time outside! =)
Cayden was too excited/distracted to really want to eat..
So Mike and I had to chase him around while we tried to..

We saw the baby swings and had to let Cayden on..he still loves them and was laughing the entire time..

The park has a carousal and I was really excited to go on with Cayden, he was already excited about the horsies before we even got on..